Gentlemen, here are some insights on how to pick an original engagement ring!

Prepare your ultra romantic proposal and we’ll take care of the rest! The Eye Of Jewelry has selected for you 20 designs that will encourage your future wife to say… YES !

Author By Justine Dupont-Martin

Choosing an engagement ring for your loved one can be a real headache! Besides the budget you can allow yourself to spend, you have to take into consideration her lifestyle and personality – does she like flashy or minimalist jewelry? There is one thing sure, gentlemen : be original! Exit the classic solitaire – make way for colors and original geometric shapes! You will find 20 designs below that not only will make you want to put a ring on her finger but for her to say yes !

The modern day solitaire
Baku ring – Alice Fournier
Rhombus ring – Artemer
Serena ring – Kimai
Shield cut diamond engagement ring – Azlee
Signature Ring Oval 1.8ct East-West Diamond Button Back – Jessica Mc.Cormack
Talay Flow Wave ring -Kavant & Sharart
Floating Asscher ring – Katkim
Ensemble Escargot ring – Sophie Bille Brahe
Pear X Ring – Shahla Karimi
Ara ring – Rachel Boston
White gold ring – Dauphin
Mellerio cut Diamant ring – Mellerio
Dare the color!
Manifesto ring – Salomé Rico Paris
Opal and diamond ring – Berlinger
Art Magic Tokapi ring – Maison Artaner


Magnetic Enchainée ring – Viltier
Magnipheasant ring – Stephen Webster
Aura solitaire with a colorful diamond – De Beers
Camélia 1 Rose ring- Sophie d’Agon
Signed ring – Fred Leighton
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