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Happy Father’s Day – the ultimate gift list for you to get him

She chose the lace pattern to be her brand DNA. A lace she designed her way. Anna Molinari established her eponymous label Atelier Molinari in 2015 shortly after graduating from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London before furthering her knowledge at the Gemological Institute of America in New York.

It seems that not all of the countries in the world celebrate Father’s day. A shame considering that a Dad is at least equally important if not more than a Mom to give birth. For the occasion, the Eye of Jewelry spotted a selection of bracelets worth looking at if you want  daddy to be happy by getting him something special.

1- Aaron Jah Stone- Root Chakra
As an undefeated stone lover, Cyril Bismut choses every single one to made his bracelet or necklace. The Root Chakra made of black tourmalines and sapphires is an exclusive must-have, just like most of his creations.  (~ 1’150 Euros)
2- Shamballa – Korne Pave Bracelet
The two Kornerup brothers created pieces of jewelry with a message to promote inner compassion and wisdom. The Korn pave bracelet is mounted on leather, white gold and diamonds with additional customizable options.
3- Hermes – Goliath
Simple but efficient and available in a variety of colors. The Goliath Hermes bracelet is made of leather black swift calfskin with a Silver and palladium plated hardware. (~ 380 Euros)
4- Messika – Move Cordon
Three diamonds moving around a white gold thin ovale shape and mounted on a black link. The Move bracelet from the Messika collection dedicated to men could potentially be a good move! (~ 1’400 Euros)
5- Dinh Van by Lapo Elkann –  Pi Carbon Bracelet
The Agnelli Heir, Lapo Elkann who launched Italia Independan, decided to re-interpret his way a jewelry icon launched by Dinh Van. The famous Chinese Pi disk, is made of carbon and black diamonds to associate lightness and elegance. (~ 650 Euros)
6- Le Gramme
An architectural bracelet made unique thanks to its basis weight ( echoing the weight of a person wearing it).  Le Gramme bracelet is a true concept available in a variety of gold or sterling silver.  (~ 750 Euros)
7- Virginstone – Round Hook
Seen on a large amount of fashionable wrists recently, the Gold Plated Round Hook and adjustable on geniune leather strip is the new hip and decently cheap bracelet you can stack up and match with other styles. The Virginstone hook bracelet is available in a variety of colors and shape. (~ 35 Euros)
8- M. Cohen
A leather bracelet going around the wrist a multiple of times with oxydized silver beads, Moar Cohen combinates rough and chic to perfection for an ideal style. (~ 150 Euros)
9- Charriol – Forever Young
Very popular amongst the Swiss brand, the Forever Young bracelet by Charriol seems like a reflection of young adults wearing their jewelry in bespoke fashion.  The young at heart is emphasized by the easy-to-wear approach. Available in a variety of colors.   (~ 220 Euros)
10 Hanna Wallmark
Finding her inspiration in the ancient people of the Northern Scandinavia, Swedish designer Hanna Wallmark hand-makes her jewelry piece with natural leather and braids of pewter-thread in a genuine Scandinavian atmosphere. (~ 190 Euros

And FYI- Happy Father’s Day !