How to smart out quarantins’ occupations!

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The second week of containment is coming to an end… boredom is starting to set in, absurd but no less fun videos continue to get shared on IG or Whatsapp but it’s high time to change your pseudo-routine and start following ours!

Author By Eleonor picciotto

COVID-19: How about reading something else than the news ?

Stop swiping and start cultivating yourself. It has been years since we have started complaining about how little knowledgeable people are and how poor their writing has become. Take the advantage to have some spare time at home to re-start reading, working out and even cooking if you’d like. When it comes to choosing the right book, our immediate recommendation is obviously The Valley of Rubies written by French author Joseph Kessel. Dive into an epic journey to Burma searching for the most beautiful gemstones. The story is told by the author himself. Kessel is a man who not only happens to be a talented published author but also an eminent journalist. His writing is easy, lyrical and descriptive, plunging the reader into the heart of the gemstone trade. An insider’s investigation depicting the adventures on how to get there… Rapidly, you face the barriers of the trade: the knowledge you must have or the contacts must make; the trust who have to gain in order to eventually and potentially get access to the Holy Grail. In other words, touching the most beautiful rubies on the market with your bare hands, in the realm of the price negotiations, passing police roadblocks, or braving dangerous areas… A few pages that could at least keep you busy for 3 days.

The 5 Instagram accounts to discover during COVID-19

“Scroll down”: what an ugly word! Yet, everyone uses it: if not in words, surely in action. The good news is that we’re all impacted, a bit like this virus after all. If watching on your IG feed sports routines you don’t really care about, your neighbor’s last home-cooked meal or your friends’ screenshots on HouseParty you haven’t taken part in start to annoy you, now would be the time to take a bowl of internal fresh air, color and inspiration by wandering through the instagram accounts of some of the talented jewelry designers we adore! @suzannekalan, @jacquieaiche, @brookegregson, @melissakayejewelry and ours of course @theiofj!

Instagram 5 comptes à découvrir en plein COVID-19
The 5 Instagram accounts to discover during COVID-19

Top 5: Coffee Table Jewelry Book!

Who doesn’t have at least 5 coffee table books sitting nonchalantly on your coffee table in the middle of your living room or on a bookcase as a sole decoration in your apartment that you have probably never read or even opened? Granted, the format is rarely practical or conducive to read in bed. The good thing is that you’ve been spending more time on your couch than you ever have. Take the time to appreciate reading in those bound books, highly interesting in terms of content and visually beautiful when it comes to imagery. It goes without saying that the best coffee table books are the jewelry ones … closely followed by those on architecture or travel. Our selection for you now or as a gift to others later:

  1. Marie-Hélène de Taillac: D’or et de Pierres
  2. Graff: A story told in diamonds
  3. The Art of Bvlgari – La dolce Vita and Beyond
  4. Dior Joaillerie de Michele Heuze chez Rizzoli
  5. Fine Jewelry Couture écrit par Olivier Dupon
Marie-Hélène de Taillac – D’or et de Pierres

Note for later: located in the heart of Geneva’s old town district, Bernard Letu is probably one of the best booksellers in the world specialized in jewelry books since 1973. Once the borders reopen, if by any chance you happen to pass through Switzerland, take two hours of your time to go and talk to him. The kindness of this man can be measured to his degree of knowledge!

Librairie Bernard Letu Eleonor Picciotto & Bernard Letu
Eleonor Picciotto & Bernard Letu

Jewelry Wishlist for the summer

It’s been a long time since you have bought anything for yourself. Especially when it comes to jewelry. Now would be the best time to look at what’s out there, how much would you be willing to spend on a nice piece you’d be over excited to wear on the beach, on a terrace or in the street the minute outside freedom has resumed.

1. Stars earrings from Colette Jewelry

Colette Jewelry – Rainbow Starburst Duster

2. Lace ring to wear on your index finger from Christina Soubli 

Christina Soubli – Brokar ring with 4 diamonds

3. Forecast pendant from Frédérique Berman that can also be worn as a brooch

Frederique Berman - Collier/broche Météo nacre
Frederique Berman – Météo mother of pearl necklace/brooch

4. Blinks earrings from Tabayer

Tabayer - Boucles d'oreilles Blink
Tabayer – Blink Earrings

5. Altitude ring to wear as a statement piece with a summer dress

Bonnet - Bague en diamants "Altitude"
Bonnet – “Altitude” diamond ring
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