Jewelry du jour, the symbolic medallions of Foundrae

Foundrae Medallion collection

The New York label unveils its new collection of medallions and necklaces inspired by Chinese astrology. An ode to 6 natural elements orchestrated by creator Beth Bugdaycay.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

In a successful reinvention from fashion CEO to jewelry designer, the career path of Beth Bugdaycay has inspired and summoned her to seize every opportunity in life. Passionate about astrology and the spiritual aspect of jewelry, she launched Foundrae in 2015 with assistance from husband Murat. Her captivating charms are striking and have indeed caught the eyes of actress Kristen Stewart, just one of the many label fans. Designed as legacy pieces with her very own signature creative touch, the jewelry of Beth Bugdaycay delivers an invaluable exploration of the multiple influences at play within us and the symbols representing them.

Each piece is adorned with an astrological or spiritual symbol that reflects a personality trait we would like to foster. The lion pendant to provide strength and the resilience band to remain steadfast when adversity is at our doorstep, Foundrae pieces can all be collected to enhance our positive energy.

This season, the collection has been expanded to include Elements, a line of medallions that combine more familiar Western zodiac signs with Chinese astrology, in a spiritual journey under the symbols of 6 natural elements that Beth punctuates with precious stones. Fire pairs with garnet and wood with smoky topaz, while opal and diamond embody water. As protective amulets, these are symbolic medallions that can be collected to your heart’s content.

Foundrae - Grand médaillon, le lion symbolise la force, la dignité, la passion et la confiance en soi
Foundrae – Large medallion, the lion symbolizes strength, dignity, passion and self-confidence
Foundrae - Petit disques de grenat en or 18 carat
Foundrae – Small garnet discs in 18-carat gold
Foundrae - Médaillon miniature symbolisant le bois en or et ornée de topazes
Foundrae – Miniature medallion symbolizing gold wood and decorated with topazes
Foundrae - Médaillon de l'insigne de l'air
Foundrae – Gold and lapis lazuli air badge medallion
Foundrae - Médaillon d'Ether miniature en or ornée de jaspe magnétique, saphirs, citrine, diamant, opale, lapis-lazuli, topaz, bois pétrifié et de grenat
Foundrae – Médaillon d’Ether miniature en or ornée de jaspe magnétique, saphirs, citrine, or cabochon, diamant, opale, lapis-lazuli, topaz, bois pétrifié et de grenat
Foundrae - Médaillon de l'insigne de la Terre en or ornée d'onyx et de saphirs verts
Foundrae – Gold medallion of the Earth’s badge decorated with onyx and green sapphires
Foundrae - Médaillon de l'insigne du métal en or orné de citrine
Foundrae – Gold metal badge medallion decorated with citrine
Foundrae - Gold water badge medallion decorated with opal
Foundrae – Médaillon de l’insigne de l’eau en or orné d’opale
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