What is your jewelry profile?

Jewelry designs were all about diamonds and carats up until manufacturer started understanding and integrating the concept of lifestyle within jewelry. So… what is your profile?

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Are you a new thinker wearing pearls and asymetrical earrings ? Are you a digger wearing talismans and black metals ? Are you a retronaut wearing colored stones and butterflies ? Are you an illusionist wearing cabochons and princess tiaras ?

Up until recently, jewelry designs were all about diamonds and carats until manufacturers started understanding and integrating the concept of lifestyle within jewelry. Based on the investigation Paola De Luca – Creative Director of TRENDVISION Jewellery+Forecasting, Fiera di Vicenza’s independent think tank for trend forecasting – conducted for the Trendbook 2017+ (released at the VICENZAORO fair back in January, find out what is your profile?

THE NEW THINKER is a new minimalist that loves the simplicity of Sophisticore (the evolution of the normcore).  Early 2014, the New York based agency K-Hole founded the concept of Normcore for people who wanted to be normal, in the most simple and functional way. Only focusing on actions and their effects on our environment, the new thinker now sophisticore wants to dress confortable and project its own identity. She or he wants to self-brand her or his-self.  It is a simplicity that at second glance can be seen to be highly sophisticated. Taking the basic, the core to the next level. The New Thinker is an organiser, a planner and concerned about the environement. Personalisation and customisation is kind but less is more remains his motto.

The New Thinker wears jewelry that is very practical : Modern pearls, asymetrical earrings, cabochon clusters and colored metals.

Yoko London & Repossi earrings ring pink black pearls diamonds
Yoko London & Repossi

THE GEONAUT loves adventures. He or she targets the geo-luxury consumers whose desire is to discover the world. Story-telling is key and has to be filled with fantasy, wanderlust. They don’t need to travel the world physically, they can travel through their mobile or computer screen. They think with online marketing only to what is eye-catching to them. The geonaut displays a new exoticism, together with a flaunting of knowledge and culture. Being very much concerned about the environment, the Geonaut loves to source jewelry from all over the world: street markets and the Internet included. However, these need to be pieces carrying a story, from items bought in a bazaar to the prestigious jewelry stone markets of Jaipur. Although their style is ecclectic and buzing with references, the geonaut wants meaningful products that will last.

The Geonaut needs to express his emotions with colorful jewelry : super opulent, swirly, with fruits, flowers or butterflies, lace, bangles, chains, tasles or dragons.

Christina Debs & Fabergé rings diamonds

THE DIGGER or “The Retronaut” is all about drama and looks to the past to construct his or her identity.  There is a part of magic with a re-discovery of the past considered vintage and now more expensive than what is new. The retronaut needs knowledge and familiarity to evolve. Historical Vintage becomes a new style where historial inspired pieces are their things. History takes a big part in the process. The tastes of the retronaut are tinged with history, but with the new character that comes from the present. History gets a sci-fi update. Design has an abundance of references creating one of kind products that are multidimensional in appearance.

The Retronaut wears jewelry that mixes the old and the new : magic, astrology, talismans, dark symbols, moon and stars, crosses, black metals and zodiac symbols.

Christina Debs & Fabergé rings bracelet

THE ILLUSIONIST finds expression in the digital hypnosis megatrend, displaying high degree of attention to technology, innovation, expression and connectivity. This is an intelligent consumer who seeks tech jewelry to express his or her personality, with its ultramodern and uturistic style. He or she live the moment. If you they are recording, they are not listenning. Driven by Asia, they speak with emoticons coming to us directly. The illusionist is multi-tasking and excessive in behaviour. Obsessed with high-tech innovations they work, travel and socialise non-stop. Identified within an age-segment the illusionists range from teenagers to Generation X.

The Illusionist wears jewelry brands who put cartoons and patchwork elements in their collections : graphic pixels, computer elements, glossy, square cuts, princess tiaras, crowns, love messages with faith and peace.

diamonds earring ring necklace

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