Jill Wolf, a Geneva jewelry philanthropist


Jill Wolf, established for some 20 years in Geneva, has created her reputation through her sharp, passionate eye for jewelry. For over two decades now, she has been partnering with the British creator Pippa Small whose reputation she built in Calvin’s historic city.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Pippa Small, an anthropologist, gemologist and quasi-philanthropist, has been traveling across the world for years in search of gems, stories and traditions
which she then weaves symbiotically together in the most natural way
imaginable. Pippa Small, extremely close to her artisans, intensely involved in environmental sustainability as well as in gem and metal transparency and origin, works exclusively using ethical principles which reach far beyond borders and local cultures. From Afghanistan to Myanmar, from Bolivia through Colombia, from Rajasthan to Jordan… countries at war, conflict zones and language barriers are in no way variables which hinder her.

As the first rays of Geneva summer sunshine beamed bright, Jill Wolf invited us into her intimate, velvety haven nestling at the heart of the old town to
discover her creative talents. Jill Wolf and Pippa Small, who share the same values as well as a host of other
things, are two women of character whose respect, trust and admiration led to a form of friendship focusing on a common passion, jewelry. As both are fascinated by colors, stones in their raw state and the energy which they radiate, Pippa Small’s choices are perfectly coherent with the jewelry world which Jill Wolf has been cultivating for years.

Given her highly-lucid choices, it’s not at all surprising then that the vibrantly-colored displays of French creator Marie-Hélène de Taillac consort with those of Suzanne Kalan, established in Los Angeles for the last thirty years, well-known for her fireworks baguette-set pieces, and those of British Rina Tairo who draws her inspiration from textiles and organic matter. Drawing on her experience in international relations, her passion for art and opera as well as her time spent in Sotheby’s fine jewelry department, Jill Wolf is acknowledged as a key figure in the world of jewelry in Geneva and around the world

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