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Joelle Jewellery

Joelle Savransky was born out of a fourth generation of diamond dealers in Belgium. Like her sister Audrey (founder of AS29), Joelle made a name for herself imposing her organic style and delicate pieces that complement the feminine spirit and trends with articulated rings, torques or open necklaces. She embodies neo-classic rock jewelry.

Joelle Savransky launched her first jewelry collection in 2013. It marked a period of reinvention for the high-end jewelry scene – one that would soon sweep across boutiques and retailers with its fresh, ephemeral and feminine style. Her approach is as natural and minimalistic as can be, focused on bringing out the innate beauty of the diamond in all its glory.

Duality is about bringing together strong opposing forces that complement each other and the up-and-coming Belgian designer – now based in Israel, has succeeded remarkably in doing so. The pieces are a unique and enchantingly different mixture of rock’n’roll glamour and delicate charm – a combination that resonates with the fleeting, mysterious and untameable feminine nature. Incorporating a certain edgy appeal into her elegant creations is something that comes natural to Joelle as she draws inspiration from her heritage, personality and beliefs, and enhancing women’s sense of style and worth has been her lifelong mission.

Interesting, fun and refreshingly different – each one of her collections centers on a core motif that pervades the pieces in a subtle, yet obvious way. The Gladiator range is surprisingly fluid with its masculine energy displayed elegantly and appearing too aggressive; the Antique line is fit for a princess with the old-style regal glamour that emanates from the intricate and luminous arrangement of the precious stones; the Chain range fits perfectly in the modern woman’s wardrobe with severe minimalism and eye-catching elegance and the Spike is a range for women who haven’t lost touch with their wilder selves.

As Joelle Savransky says: “People should wear what they like because [that way] it reflects their personality” and her pieces are a testament to that belief. Feminine, but not excessive – they are beautiful proof that jewelry can be both elegant and whimsy in a way that brings out the best in the wearer without subduing it.

Joelle Jewelry
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Joelle Jewelry
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Joelle Jewelry
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Joelle Jewelry
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Joelle Savransky establishes Joelle Jewellery.
She exhibits at the Las Vegas Couture Show