From a legendary mine to the high jewelry world, the Muzo Emerald is the stamp of a fascinating story

Owing to their color and vibrant radiance, the Muzo emeralds are coveted in the entire world by the greatest jewelry houses. As a matter of fact, Lebanese jeweler Selim Mouzannar won the Couture Design Award in Las Vegas with a piece fully mounted with Muzo emeralds.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

What makes Muzo emeralds so special

Considered to be the most beautiful in the world, Colombian emeralds are anchored in the country’s history and patrimony. Found in the steamy Andean jungle, the mythical emerald is extracted from the Muzo mines, located 100 kilometers away on the north-west side of Bogota.

The Muzo mines are segmented in five underground galleries including: the pilot mine named Rampa, the oldest mine named Puerto Arturo and the trio mines named Tequendama, Catedral and Volvere; all of which are 100 meters deep under Earth.

Back in 2009, Muzo mines started extracting and cutting emeralds obtaining full possession of the concession in 2014. Then, the Muzo group made a strong commitment to nature preservation while investing to revamp the Colombian mine and upgrade the taskforce management. Equipped with the most modern mining technology, the mines practices are environmentally friendly, as MUZO emeralds are not exposed to aggressive and toxic substances. Fully integrated, the Muzo Companies various processes offer a full traceability from origin to customer. Each gemstone is tracked by a certificate, which provides the place and date of extraction, as well as its shape and carat weight.

Colombian landscape
Colombian landscape
Muzo Mine
Muzo Mine

Where Muzo emeralds can be found…

Muzo Emeralds are distinguished by their vibrant color and their near perfect dimensions, thanks to the know-how of talented craftsmen. Delivering the best cut emeralds and changing the business’ philosophy aren’t the unique goals of the Muzo Companies.

To reaffirm the supremacy of its precious emeralds, the brand has launched a collection of fine jewelry made of unique pieces created in collaboration with the world’s top designers of the moment including Antoine Sandoz, Studio Naio, Shaun Leane, Solange Azagury-Partridge and Elie Top. Released in Baselword in March 2016, the Private Collection gathered rare jewels and art objects, a unique collection of key pieces to the history of emerald.

Introducing its last collaboration with the fine jeweler Selim Mouzannar, MUZO made a huge impact at the Couture Design Awards held in Las Vegas last year. The precious green gem is back on a pedestal as the exceptional necklace won the Best Colored Gemstone Design over 20K Award. The winning piece was a collar named « Amal » (which means hope in Arabic) stages 55 cabochons emeralds on a rose gold structure. An absolute stunning piece of jewelry distinguished by its contemporary design, which flexibly connects the stones together, to better glorifies the precious gems.

Selim Mouzannar "Amal" stages 55 emeralds from the Muzo Colombian mine
Selim Mouzannar – “Amal” stages 55 emeralds from the Muzo Colombian mine
Muzo Rough stones
Muzo – Rough stones
Muzo Individual gemstones
Muzo – Individual gemstones
Muzo From The Private collection - Cross mounted on 22k yellow gold with emeralds
Muzo – From The Private collection – Cross mounted on 22k yellow gold with emeralds
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