The object of desire: Moncomble’s Lacrima facial adornment

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Half-goddess, half-contemporary-day-figure, Moncomble’s woman dares to adorn her face. Non-conventional wear-play where an ever-so delicate gold wire emphasizes one’s gaze. Discovery.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Imagine a gold wire embracing and highlighting facial curves, exalting the inevitably-intense expression of the young woman who adorns it. A jewel like a sculpture, enhanced with a cascade of precious stones, a sprinkle of sapphires, of rubies, of emeralds. A blend of rainbow-hued colors – new for the season – conjuring up the palette of emotions which an expression may feel, down to the soft teardrops which may burst forth.

Lacrima is an intensely-poetic jewel, an adornment which intrigues and captivates. A jewel which reflects the sensitivity of its designer, Camille Moncomble. With the heart and soul of a Parisian, the young man dreamt of becoming a glass blower before veering off into the world of stained-glass and metal. There is but a fine line between sculpture and jewelry, visibly crossed with talent by this highly-promising creator. This contemporary adornment led the designer to fashion a series of rather more conventional-to-wear pieces, like earrings and a Rainbow pendant. What better way to enter Moncomble’s galaxy than crescendo style.

Moncomble Lacrima
Moncomble – Lacrima Rainbow
Moncomble Lacrima Arc en Ciel Boucle d'oreille
Moncomble – Lacrima Rainbow earring
Moncomble Lacrima Arc en Ciel pendentif
Moncomble – Lacrima Rainbow necklace
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