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Poiray or the young lady of the Place Vendome

When they decided to create the house of Poiray the first wish of Michel Ermelin and François Hérail was to give the youth an opportunity to buy jewelry. Nice jewelry with simple and curved designs breaking what was, at the time, seen in most jewelry institutional houses.

Back in 1972, the new jewelry brand was called the “young lady of the Place Vendôme” breaking the codes of conservative French jewelry. The two young men wanted to be considered as much as the other jewelry designers by creating original designs. The ‘coeur fil’ became one of their early successes due to the simple lines and rounded shapes of the heart design.

Inspired by the art déco and baroque styles, the particularity of the house of Poiray are the two prongs holding the center stone on each end allowing the light in to keep the radiance.

Colored stones, open hearts, 1930’s style, interchangeable watch bracelets and pieces of jewelry made the house of Poiray an institutional one overtime.

After a few collaboration with external designers, Poiray decided that 2015 will be a year dedicated to jewelry and interchangeability with the launch of new jewelry pieces never seen on the market before. A youth revival !

Coeur fil pendant mounted on rose gold with diamonds
Ma première watch
Flower Poiray ring mounted on yellow gold with one diamond and yellow sapphires
Ma Préférence ring mounted on white gold with diamonds and peridot
François Hérail and Michel Ermelin create the house of Poiray as a tribute to the couturier Paul Poiret.
Launch of the first jewelry collection: simple and in curves.
Launch of the first Poiray watch with interchangeable bracelets.
Nathalie Hocq leaves her vice-presidence at Cartier to come lead Poiray.
Inauguration of the first Poiray flagship rue de la Paix in Paris.
Launch of the interlaced heart – what will become the hit of the 90’s.
The House of Poiray is bought by Alain Duménil.
Youth revival of the jewelry line with new concept and patents.