The favorite of the day: Suzanne Syz’s inspired pop-style earrings

Suzanne Syz Earrings titane

Beginning of July, during a Parisian stop-over, the Swiss designer-creator unveiled her latest creations to the press. Among these was a pair of turquoise engraved earrings which attracted everyone’s attention. Spotlight on our favorite of the week.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

On the sidelines of the high jewelry presentations, where pieces vie in statutory beauty, a sweet little melody resounds. A melody of joyful, vividly-colored jewelry, bubbling over with winks to contemporary art. In just a few years, Suzanne Syz has gained renown through her unabashed approach to jewelry, which she rejuvenates with her creativity and her taste for innovation. It must be said though that the designer-creator dares incredibly-unexpected marriages: ceramic and white gold, aluminum and rose gold, titanium and semi-precious stones. Every one of her unique pieces enchants a public enthralled by the refreshing audacity of this shrewd-eyed designer. This season, a piece intrigues more than the others: a pair of titanium pendant earrings topped with diamonds, tipped with an azure-colored teardrop. Is it a cutting-edge textile or one of Suzanne Syz’s favorite materials, such as aluminum or colored ceramic? None of these at all. After investigating further, it turns out that the texturized-patterned pear-shaped stone is actually a 76-carat engraved turquoise. Simply astonishing.

Suzanne Syz - Titanium and turquoise earrings with diamonds
Suzanne Syz – Titanium and turquoise earrings with diamonds
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