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Sylvie Toledano cuff byzance

With a passion for fine gemstones, Sylvia Toledano approaches the world of jewelry wholeheartedly. A painter by training, she combines colors and styles to suit her desires. Her creations are like enchanting pieces of history, and extend an invitation to discover new horizons. Immerse yourself in the colorful universe of an elegant designer.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

The Eye of Jewelry: How did you get into jewelry?

Sylvia Toledano: I started creating my first pieces – minaudières – with a desire to leave painting behind and try my hand at a new medium. Even though the minaudières’ size and shape was identical, each distinguished itself through a unique hand-drawn pattern covered in Swarovski crystals. In this way, I could give free rein to my passion for gemstones while creating accessories to exalt women.

Theiofj: After the clutches, you came out with a line of cuff bracelets…

ST: When it comes to accessories, I like the single-product approach; the idea of a strong piece that appears in several collections. I dabbled in the world of jewelry with a collection of tribal-style cuffs inspired by my childhood in Africa. Bracelets carved in gold metal and adorned with colored stones.

Sylvia Toledano - Manchette ajourée II en laiton plaqué or et malachite

Sylvia Toledano – Openwork cuff II in gold-plated brass and malachiteTheiofj: What are your favorite stones?

ST: The stone that spontaneously comes to mind is malachite, whose various shades can range from light green to dark green. It’s a stone that has real personality. I would also add rhodochrosite, which, in my opinion, is malachite’s twin sister; its veined appearance manifests itself in a palette of soft and luminous pink.

Theiofj: How would you define your style?

ST: Accessories are meant to dress up and exalt a woman. I like the idea that a piece of jewelry can turn a rather simple outfit into a stylish silhouette. My pieces are an invitation to travel to a place where the stones lead the dance. The hammered gold makes my pieces look like talismans that have just emerged from a treasure chest, which adds to their charm.

Theiofj: Three words that describe Sylvia Toledano, the woman?

ST: Without hesitation, a woman of character, passionate. A wonder woman with a very strong sense of humor.

Theiofj: If you could choose only one, what is your signature piece?

ST: The Byzance bracelet and the pair of Flower earrings, two iconic pieces that are in every new collection.

Sylvia Toledano - Byzance Sea Opale cuff
Sylvia Toledano – Byzance Sea Opale cuff
Sylvia Toledano - Candy flowers earrings in brass gilded with fine gold
Sylvia Toledano – Candy flowers earrings in brass gilded with fine gold
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