A quick glance at TASAKI’s neo-futuristic earrings

Tasaki Earrings Sea Shell

Seascapes… favorite subject for the Japanese jewelry house and its new playground for this futuristic-spirited high jewelry collection. Graphic lines and organic curves vibrate in a fantastic décor where pearls reign supreme. Invitation to dive into TASAKI‘s world.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

For his second high jewelry collection, Prabal Gurung drew his inspiration from the treasures found in the Japanese ‘deep blue’, there where TASAKI pearls are nurtured. An eternally-mysterious realm where wild beauty awes and wows. The collection, baptized Ocean Frontier, captures the magic created when elements embrace: bright reflected sunlight piercing through a sea in motion with the power of a waterfall surging between land and sea.

With Nacreous, TASAKI signs a series of earrings blending oval and circular shapes clasping a sparkling iridescent pearl. Ever-so refined design inspired by the many layers of mother-of-pearl overlapping inside an oyster to optimally diffuse light. We adore the novel touch of these precious ellipses delicately poised on the ear.

TASAKI - Nacreaous earrings
TASAKI – Nacreaous earrings

The Aurora series intends to be more radical in what it radiates. White and rose gold curves are ever-more streamlined yet audacious, like a perpetually-moving sea. The tips of the earrings daintily alternate Akoya pearls and pearls from the Southern Seas, swept up in an enchantingly-irresistible tourbillon.

TASAKI - Aurora earrings
TASAKI – Aurora earrings

Another stance, another décor for the Waterfall line which whisks us high to the summit of a sheer rocky elevation, where a wave is about to break. As if to protect the pearl from this crazy rush, the lines of the earrings meet to form a precious haven crowned with white diamonds.

TASAKI - Ocean Frontier Waterfall earrings
TASAKI – Ocean Frontier Waterfall earrings

This journey to the depths of the sea is made perfect through the play on light offered up by the sun, enticing us to linger. Luminous twinkling exalted by the impeccable sprinkle of princess-, baguette- and brilliant-cut pearls and diamonds. To enhance the chromatic spectrum further, the Jeweler invites a cascade of precious gems to dance with Surge.  Yellow-colored sapphires and grossularite garnets intertwine, adorning Elysium earrings with starry lines, recreating an immaculate spectrum of rainbow hues.

TASAKI - Elysium earrings
TASAKI – Elysium earrings
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