The 11 finest high fashion jewelry to create the perfect illusion!

To our greatest delight (and the one of our banker at the same time), more brands are brushing the fine line between high fashion and jewelry. So which pieces to wear to make an illusion? The Eye of Jewelry reveals 11 pieces resolutely feminine, delicate and sometimes really flashy.

Author By Justine Dupont-Martin

Whether they use fine stones or not, these fancy or even high-fancy brands are seriously to be confused with proper fine jewelry. The craze around these jewelry-like creations is growing this year, but this trend is not new. At the end of the 19th century, René Lalique, creator of modern jewelry, introduced new materials such as enamel or glass. In fashion, Paul Poiret, a renowned French couturier and perfumer, was the first to introduce fantasy jewelry into his collections.

A few years later, in the 1920s, Coco Chanel became a pioneer in costume jewelry. Known for her taste for style, she signed a new audacious move: accessorizing costume jewelry mixed with precious ones. Gabrielle Chanel launched this trend in creating jewelry made of glass, resin and gold chains. Women loved these less expensive ornaments with avant-garde style… and to this very day, still do. Gabrielle Chanel only wore diamond necklaces and imitation pearl necklaces – the art of mix & match is hers! “quote”

Gabrielle Chanel

Because we always want more – rings, necklaces, chokers, minimalist earrings or XXL we do never know where to turn the head… The editorial team allows you to satisfy all of your desires! How? With sophisticated and good quality jewels, and all of this at low prices.

Here is our selection of 11 trendy and fancy creations…

Prema amethyst ring – 195€ – Tity Ravy
Hoop Tutti Frutti – 280€ – Alexia Demblum
Harmonia choker – 400€ – Swarovski
Black and white silver hoop earrings – 380€ – APM Monaco
Tennis choker – 160€ – Adinas Jewels
AVA earrings – 150€ – Isabelle Toledano
Joan citrine ring – 240€ – Luj Paris
Bernadette necklace – 230€ – Hypso Paris
Phoenix Bracelet – 100€ – ANAU Paris
Cirrostratus mini earrings – 100€ – AEREA Jewellery
Love me Necklace – 525€ – Begum Khan
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