The turtle is not just a Kama Sutra position

Christina Soubli colliers tortue

It can be a bit zany, it can go under the name of a really famous US President, it can be a ninja and pizza lover. And, it’s also the inspiration for several Kama Sutra positions. It carries its home on its back, can be of the Earth or the ocean, the latter even rubbed shoulders with dinosaurs and survived climate crises. It is also an endangered species and if we don’t take great care of it, everywhere in the world, there’s a risk it will disappear forever.

Author By The Eye of Jewelry Editorial Team

It’s strong yet fragile, solid yet sensitive. And always ever-so chic with its camouflage outfit. A real woman, commando-style!

The turtle is discreet, known for its slowness yet endowed with great intelligence, as highlighted through Mr de la Fontaine’s fables.

Christina Soubli’s turtle is intensely delicate and just loves embracing the hollow of my neck, there where I sprinkle a few droplets of a subtle scent every day which intoxicates more than just myself.

The contours of its body outlined with coiled gold chains make it refined, elegant and incredibly light.

Originally lacking in prettiness, the designer-creator Christina Soubli has managed to transform this armor-shelled reptile into a purely ravishing, adorable, irresistible creature.

My turtle only weighs a few grams of gold yet it is bestowed with a majestically-delicate, precious character. It accompanies me through the whirlwind of everyday life. It reassures me, comforts me. I’m proud of it, it makes me feel beautiful.

Whoever could have imagined that such a tiny thing could have such powers?

It can definitely tell a story or ten, remember the many embraces it has seen, the countless sweet words overheard.

If only my turtle could talk…

Christina Soubli - Turtle necklace in filigree yellow gold
Christina Soubli – Turtle necklace in filigree yellow gold
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