Top 10 images The Eye of Jewelry recently liked on Instagram

Not necessarly as a brand but also as a normal human-being « Likes » and « followers » have become part of our daily vocabulary checking our progression increasing our reputation, if there is any. But we also spend some time looking at profiles searching for new talents, discovering jewelry brands, finding out about recent collections or must-have designs. We are sharing with you what are the last 10 jewelry pieces we liked on Instagram.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Alexandra Abramczyk Jewelry
Alexandra Abramczyk Jewelry –
Alezan Bysk
Alezan Bysk –
Amelie Viaene jewelry
Amelie Viaene –
David Webb 
David Webb  –
Irene Neuwirth
Irene Neuwirth –
Mercury Jewellery
Mercury Jewellery –
Pascale Monvoisin
Pascale Monvoisin – –
Seal and scribe Jewelry
Seal and scribe Jewelry –
Spinelli Kilcollin
Spinelli Kilcollin –
Sutra Jewels - The Jewellery Editor 
Sutra Jewels – The Jewellery Editor  –
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