Under Melanie Georgacopoulos’ hand, the TASAKI pearl : more attractive than ever !

Presented in Paris, the new M/G TASAKI collection is once again a surprise, playing on the combination of gold and pearls.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

It is without a doubt, one of the most inspired duos in jewelry. The Greek designer Melanie Georgacopoulos and  Japanese brand TASAKI form a most complementary tandem. The sharp vision of the former is complemented by the excellent know-how and prestigious history of the latter. Together, they never stop revisiting the pearl, which under their impetus has never been so desirable.

After almost ten years of collaboration, and a series of iconic pieces, such as the sliced pearls, the creative impulse is intact. The proof is in the presentation of three new concepts, presented by the Franco-Greek designer Melanie Georgacopoulos.

Marie-Caroline Selmer : What are the tracers in the new collection?

Melanie Georgacopoulos: This season, I wanted to work with geometry, which is very present in the Wedge series. TASAKI has succeeded in digging out the inside of the pearls to encrust them with 18-carat yellow gold leaf. The gold reflects the roundness of the pearl, giving the jewelry an extra sparkle. The Square Leaf series symbolises the impossible meeting of the square and the round, with this gold leaf delicately embracing the contours of the gem, thus enhancing the materials.

MCS – Triple pearl revisits the concept of perfect pearl alignment. What did you want to express?

MG- When we talk about pearls, we still tend to focus on perfect pieces, where the pearls are all the same color, with identical calibrations. The idea behind the Triple Pearl series is to realise that pearls are above all a jewel of nature, and that their imperfections make them rich. For this series, I have combined three pearls of different sizes with yellow gold, in pastel shades ranging from white to mauve to pink. The key is that the pearls are not joined together, not hollowed out, so that they fit perfectly together.

MCS – In 10 years of working with TASAKI, you have managed to modernise the pearl. How have customers responded to these developments?

MG- Japanese customers have a very good knowledge of pearls, which is really part of their culture. In a way, that’s what made them welcome my creative proposal. In fashion as in jewelry, the Japanese are looking for either classic pieces or extreme pieces. In this case, I was the second option, and luckily they liked it! Over time, I realised that I had two types of clientele: the first, who own several pearl necklaces, but also rings and bracelets, and who are looking for the surprise, a creative approach that will seduce them, and the second, who are attracted by the design of the pieces. For these often younger women, the fact that the jewellery is set with pearls is secondary.

Earrings M/G TASAKI SQUARE LEAF, 18K yellow gold, freshwater pearls
MCS- Have you experienced the same reaction in Europe?

MG- Melanie Georgacopoulos: The majority of Europeans still focus into diamonds in their jewellery search. However, I have noticed a growing visibility of TASAKI, especially among young people, especially men, and this is very promising.

MCS – What are your creative desires for the future?

MG- Melanie Georgacopoulos: The one to explore the territory of men, because I think that pearls suit them perfectly, and not only the black pearl! Let’s not get stuck in stereotypes.  I also feel the need to expand my range of pearls, which today consists mainly of cultured pearls and Mabé pearls, to include other types of pearls and materials such as white gold and titanium. Offering alternatives to the combination of white pearls and yellow gold is a challenge that I am clearly working on for the next collections!

Bracelet M/G TASAKI WEDGE, 18K yellow gold, freshwater pearls
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