Ever heard of Vicenza Oro? (it’s in Italy and it’s all about jewelry)

The Second Edition of Vicenza Oro January Boutique Show ended last month in Italy and is already getting ready for the Dubai edition happening between April 14-17th. Over the years, Vicenza Oro January has become a global aggregator and business accelerator for the international gold and jewelry trade presenting the latest collections of the major brands of the industry, broadcasting the upcoming jewelry trends, in addition to organizing talks with the key players of this sparkling world.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Vicenza Oro 2015 has welcomed about 1’500 brands including around 1’000 italian brands and over 35’000 visitors (+5% from VO2014). According to Corrado Facco, Managing Director of VO, the fair itself is a platform but also a group of friends coming from all over the world to make business in the jewelry industry. Throughout the 6 days period, 19’381 buyers from 131 countries attended the fair transforming Vicenza Oro into an International Jewel Capital… although 54% were from Italy !

Presided by Matteo Marzotto, the Vicenza Oro team has traveled around the world to understand the new emerging platforms in jewelry such as social medias or marketplaces understanding the power of the digital erain regards to what the industry has to offer and in what way it is broadcasted. Focusing on the atmosphere and products ; « We have never been that dynamic trying to be glamorous and trendy ! » explains Marzotto who emphasized on the attention that has been given to the organization of the fair as a whole.

VO+ It appears that the Vicenza Oro team has been investing a lot of efforts on the VO+ Magazine focusing more on the overall quality of the design but also the editorials and photoshoots in order to offer a broader and qualitative image of what’s happening in the industry. For that to happen, Lottie Oakley has been put in charge as strategic director. In all of her New-York fashionista style, the tall & fit brunette spent over 13 years working for the U.S. Vogue before founding her NY-based agency Haralux. She knows what she’s doing and so does Matt Hranek who is a regular contributor at Conde Nast Traveler and who also happens to be a full time traveler, explorer and photographer. As a ressourceful dream-team in the process of changing the face of VO+ Magazine, Oakley and Hranek will prove on paper that the industry of jewels has a lot to show !

Golden voices – The idea of introducing what a jewelry piece of work is starting from the raw material gives the buyers traveling to the fair, an unique opportunity to understand the way things work in the industry they work in.  Having the right selection in the right environment transforms Vicenza Oro into a very stylish endorsement show. Innovation represents the future of the jewelry sector and the Italian production is known to be the number one industry in world due to their capacity of production. New technologies, research and innovation for the production of jewelry becomes the key to the future. The T-Gold show offers the best selection of new technologies for its production process. This year, Vicenza Oro has introduced the Golden Voices where the most impostant stakeholders in the world of gold and jewelry express and explain what they do as a voice of the industry. Those people have the power and the strenghts to craft the jewelry we find, the jewelry we have, the jewelry we buy. The Golden Voices is a way of expressing who is behind this art…

« We are the unique fair trade organizer accredited by the United Nations. And this happening because all of the artisans, brands or jewelry players that have a role in the fair pay attention to the Corporate Social Responsibility code. The efforts put in the ethical trading, the production environment ensuring the protection of health and safeguarding of the consumers and the traceability of the raw materials (stones, gold…) increase the chances of success. Those issues represent boundaries for the jewelry industry and the future. We have to face them accordingly as they can represent a marketing tool and a new opportunity to open a market. In terms of business but it can become a threat if not faced properly, » concluded Facco.

Vicenza Oro

Patrizia Rovaris - Corrado Facco & Lottie Oakley Vicenza Oro (PR) Head of Communication & Media - (CF) Managing Director and (LO) Strategic Director
Patrizia Rovaris – Corrado Facco & Lottie Oakley Vicenza Oro (PR) Head of Communication & Media – (CF) Managing Director and (LO) Strategic Director

Vicenza Oro January Boutique Show

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