What are we wearing for Spring ?

Spring is finally back and it is starting to gently settle in – plants are budding, the weather is getting milder, the days are getting longer…out with the winter and in with the colors! What are the hottest trends for this season? Discover our 15 favorites pieces.

Author By Justine Dupont-Martin

After these two chaotic years, the trend is towards color and originality. We enjoy ourselves by wearing accessories that will cheer up our hearts and smell like spring! The Eye of Jewelry has spotted for you the latest trends: XXL or delicate jewelry, ornamental or fine stones, there is something for everyone this season!

Largo Cayo Necklace – 275€ – Dorothée Sausset
Envoûtante Medium diamond-paved ring – 2 800€ – Layone
18k yellow gold Cocktail ring – Sorellina
Maxi Lady Turquoise Necklace – 2 150€ – Yvonne Léon


Nautile Bracelet – Unique piece – Alexandra Abramczyk
Selene diamond puce- 1 200€ Frédérique Berman
Box Locket prayers Necklace – 4 250€ – Marie Lichtenberg
Green Enamel Orbite Earring sold individually 735€ – Persée Paris
Sundial Necklace- 1 220€ – Jolly Bijou
Turquoise Electra earrings – 1 890€ – Jenny Dee
Cristal Romae Necklace – 2 460€-  Maison Romae
Only You Think Pink Bracelet  – 3 500€ – Spallanzani Jewels
Mini My Way ring Topaz, diamonds and silver – 2 300€ – Statement Paris
Gypsy Watermelon Tourmaline Ring – 2 970€ – Jacquie Aiche
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