With “Tiffany Lock”, Tiffany & Co. revisits the padlock motif with a modern twist

Inspired by her archival designs, the “Tiffany Lock” collection unveils four minimalist bracelets.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

A key theme in jewelry, the link is approached here by the jeweller through the prism of unity and inclusion. Indeed, who says more about us than the bonds we forge with our family and friends? Whether they are from childhood or have been formed recently, these relationships structure us as much as they move us forward. It is probably this desire to celebrate these invisible but essential links that led the creative studio to imagine a modern talisman that would speak to all generations.

Tiffany Lock bracelet in pink gold and diamonds (Credits: Tiffany & Co.)

For this new collection, Tiffany & Co. went back to its archives. The company, which has been known for its padlocks since the 1950s, had all the legitimacy necessary to take up the theme and make its own imprint. Padlocks, which over the decades have been transformed from functional to aesthetically pleasing designs, such as the Return to Tiffany and Tiffany City HardWear collections, are now being given a new look. Available in a version with pure lines, the bracelet seduces as much as it intrigues. On the borderline between design and jewellery, the jewel has everything it takes to make an impression. Available in 18-carat yellow and pink gold, with or without diamond pavement, the bracelet is slipped onto the wrist with the help of an innovative pivoting mechanism, which allows it to be put on and taken off completely independently. This is an important detail for a brand that has made innovation and creativity its two mantras.

Unique and modern, the designs offer a bold vision of connection (Credits: Tiffany & Co.)
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