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Julie Genet

Fascinated since forever by precious stones, Julie Genet brings her dental surgeon career to an end to devote herself to pursue her passion. From a pure enthusiast, she becomes in five years time a true jeweler.

This jewelry designer originally from the South of France creates an imaginary world in which her fantasy characters are telling a story of a sort of mixture between Alice in Wonderland that would come across Rapunzel along the way. Her passion guides her, her emotions gets her carried away, she nurtures a life that is her own, up to her logo, an ingenious butterfly entangling her two initials making it her hallmark. Passionate of stones since her early age, she designs jewelry as a hobby since always… until 2011 once she obtained her gemologist diploma in London. From her passion, she transforms it into a career so natural and with innate evidence. She owes her ease to her different skills acquired during her entire dental surgeon career, a profession she practiced over more than 20 years. The techniques were almost all the same, transforming one drawing into a prototype is a real ease. Everything starts from the melting of lost wax from a scale model …adding later the classical jeweler techniques. Nothing is left to chance. The colored stones come to life putting the gems to the service of the creation, where technique and precision becomes her engine. With strengths of character and competencies, she joins forces with her sister Caroline and confiding all the strategic development of her brand. A custom-made role for her sister, who has spent more than 15 years in the communication field, mastering all the tools. The collections of Julie Genet are always simple, thematic and feminine. In Constellation, she mixes planets represented by Tahiti or white Australian white pearls to meteorite rings with organic forms set with brown diamonds. Vegas highlights the elements of card games where queen of spaces and ace of clubs dress the fingers of these women in all its delicacy and finesse. Julie Genet lives on another planet, genuinely her own.

Julie Genet
Julie Genet Apollo ring from Constellation collection
Julie GenetApollo ring from Constellation collection
Julie Genet Planet ring from Constellation collection
Julie GenetPlanet ring from Constellation collection
Julie GenetBarbe Bleue ring from Legendes collection
Julie GenetLucky ring from Vegas collection

Julie Genet

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