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Graceful minimalism,  architectural aesthetics and delicate lines of diamonds micro-pavés set Kova jewelry line as an inspiring new brand celebrating Russian Art!

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Sourced and put together in Greece, it is not difficult to spot and appreciate the unique principles applied in the crafting of the fine, slim lines. Conceptually, KOVA demonstrates striking maturity and bold experimental inclination for such a young brand and it completely pays off. A challenge to the traditional perceptions ruling the world of haute-joaillerie, this line replaces the oh-too-familiar big and unnecessarily flamboyant gemstones with dynamic, asymmetrical pieces that incorporate tiny pavé diamonds in an equally striking, but far more delicate and refined manner.

Finely balanced geometrical constructions are beautifully complemented by the rhythm of the diamond and gold compositions. There is notable movement and flow in the pieces designed by K. Kova – something she attributes to her passion for the avant-garde and its austere sensibility. Unambiguous circles and squares offer a fresh take on the industry, relying heavily on art and architecture as sources of inspiration as well as basis for the radical linear constructions.

The collection marks a shift in the world of fine jewelry and represents the merger of two fields that hold the same pursuit for perfection and harmony as their main objective and ideal. Exploring this pivotal moment of transformation in the industry, KOVA comes out on top with its cutting-edge designs and creative compositions.

With the debut of the completion of her Collection 1 in Paris during Fashion week, the designer was able to attract the well-deserved international attention of quite a few fellow jewellers as well high-end clientele. The thirteen pieces exhibited the same clear lines and curves found in the originals that captivate with serene harmony and ideal balance between form and movement. A variety of stud earrings, stacked rings, pendants and chain bracelets can be worn in combinations with the iconic angular cocktail rings, ear cuffs and chokers that launched the line. This allows for the mix-and-match of contemporary forms in beautifully asymmetrical compositions that complement both the feminine and masculine energy.

Kova black gold diamonds torque fine jewelry

Kova fine jewelry pink gold and diamonds triangle ring

Kova fine jewelry black gold diamonds rings

Kova fine jewelry pink gold and diamonds earrings

Kova fine jewelry black gold and diamonds earcuff

Pure and strong emotion radiates from the architectural jewelry that KOVA expects to “appeal mostly to a younger demographic”, albeit her designs are so universal and wearable that it wouldn’t be surprising if they establish a new standard of urban minimalism in contemporary accessories.

The same precision and austere sensibility is observed in the color palette used with black diamonds contrasting with subtle champagne and rose-gold nuances. This severe design pattern allows for pieces that are strikingly sophisticated and elegant in a very delicate and alluring way, juxtaposing KOVA’s style to the flamboyant luxury we’re used to in the world of high jewelry.

It has become apparent that a new generation of style and substance has been created by a young and talented art designer with a very clear goal about making it her mission to challenge, re-invent and push the boundaries of the world of haute jewellery. Only time will show what K. Kova is truly capable of, but her first collection is nothing short of awe-inspiringly breath-taking.

For more information, you can visit her website: http://www.kovajewels.com/the-brand/

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