Les Rêveries d'Eve

Creator Silvia Barbagallo, of Italian descent, captivates with her stunningly-charming dreamlike pieces. We adore her delicate, distinctly up-to-the-minute gems, handmade by Geneva artisans. A label to keep a close eye on.

Silvia Barbagallo, born in Geneva to Italian parents, has always been fascinated by fashion and creation. During her history of art studies at the University of Geneva, she would spend her free time creating jewelry which she proposed under label Les Rêveries d’Eve. Pieces for the most part inspired by the urban realm, for this soul sensitive to the poetry of cities. The young woman dedicated herself to her brand for 5 years before heading off to London to pursue her studies at the prestigious St Martin’s School for a year. An experience which would confirm her choice to become a jewelry designer. To fine-tune her technique, Silvia Barbagallo completed her university pathway in Milan where she graduated with a Jeweler and Jewelry Designer Diploma.

On returning to Switzerland, she joined a design firm in Neuchâtel where she imagined various jewelry collections for prestigious Parisian houses. Although she achieved her creative potential on this path, she had an increasingly-burning desire to start creating once again for her own brand. In 2008, Silvia Barbagallo decided to focus totally on her own collections.

For Les Rêveries d’Eve, she imagines pieces inspired by the realm of nature, interpreted through precious materials. Her poetic jewels, handmade by Geneva artisans, stand out through their dreamscape themes. With her line Les Mystiques, the creator invites us to discover the Visconti-Sforza tarot, a deck of cards dating back to the 15th century, which echo her Sicilian origins and beliefs. Symbols such as the protective eye and the sun embrace an ever-so mysterious aura. In a more in-vogue style, her Urban Tribe collection “is intended for half-Amazon, half-princess ladies, perfectly at home in metropolis urban tribes” states the creator. Ethnic-influenced jewelry pieces delightfully harmonized with graphic designs. Her quintessential piece? “The mono Urban Tribe earring enhanced with a pic, one of the brand’s iconic pieces”. A statement earring proposed in its full gold version, set with white or black diamonds, available exclusively from The Eye of Jewelry.

Eclipse Necklace mounted on yellow gold by Les Rêveries d'Eve
Les Rêveries d'EveEclipse Necklace mounted on yellow gold
les Rêveries d'Eve Watermelon tourmaline mono hoop earring
Les Rêveries d'EveWatermelon tourmaline mono hoop earring
Les Rêveries d'EveSilvia
Les Rêveries d'Eve urban tribe earring
Les Rêveries d'EveUrban Tribe earring mounted on yellow gold
Les Rêveries d'Eve urban tribe ear cuff
Les Rêveries d'EveUrban tribe ear cuff

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Les Rêveries d'Eve

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