Lito Jewelry

Lito jewelry is a fusion of the old-school feel of traditional jewelry with contemporary influences marking a new era for craftmanship.

Lito’s uncanny ability to gracefully bring together seemingly conflicting areas of jewellery-making finds its way into the impeccable creation of sculpted pieces that transcend time and trends. The visionary artist continuously pushes the boundaries of the creative realm, thus redefining the contemporary spirit of artistic movements.

Her style – exemplary in elegance and allure – has been perfected at some of the best schools in France and shaped her innovative and unorthodox approach to the craft. The up-and-coming emblematic designer is quickly becoming renowned for her avant-garde collectibles that perfectly complement the world of high-end fashion in the face of Kenzo and Jean Paul Gaultier couture and “prêt-à-porter” collections.

The collections exhibit a perfect synergy between the designer’s warm Greek heritage, her mastery of traditional techniques and her artistic instinct. From Wonderland to Hive and Izel – each line is a multitude of precious stones, intensely bright and electrified. The bohemian feel of the creations create a sharp contract with the non- conformist designs, creating a romantically-charged, albeit edgy, pieces that are not for the shy and modest.

Lito’s world is a daring one with no place for subtlety in it. Much-needed freshness and a poetic scent emanate from her exuberant creations, which is comforting to witness in an industry so conservative and straight-forward as high-end jewellery. The neo romantic display of mystical symbols and bold shapes are an ode to femininity as they brilliantly convey the richness and profoundness of the female spirit.

As the artist says herself: “Each piece of my jewelry represents a different aspect of the female nature”. Her modern interpretation of symbolism and exotic materials and colours has led to the creation of vibrant pieces that are emblematic and evocative.

Lito Portrait
Lito Jewelry
Lito Jewelry"Hedy Lamarr" ring mounted on rose gold with diamonds and sapphires
Lito JewelryNecklace mounted on white gold with blue enamelled eye and diamonds
Lito JewelryBracelet mounted on yellow gold with cabochon-cut opal
Lito Ring from treasure collection mounted on rose gold
Lito JewelryRing from treasure collection mounted on rose gold

Lito Jewelry

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