Luj Paris

Bespoke French finesse and ethereal allure are the signature traits of Luj’s proud lineage, closely interwoven with European artisan traditions.

Responding to continuous demand for antique-inspired, but contemporary and light jewelry – Paris-born Julie Parnet founded Luj in 2012 to fill a gap in the market. Her good sense and unparalleled taste in precious stones, gold and silver shaped the brand’s identity as one that bridges a gap between the inspirational past and the creative present.

The designs are characterized by the three core components of Luj’s ethos – new, different and gorgeous. Highly-wearable and strikingly beautiful, they incorporate the best features of ears long gone together with modern artisan techniques and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. From tradition to modernity – Luj’s simplified designs are the epitome of geometric aesthetic and femininity. Characterized by strong contrasts of materials, colours and shapes – the pieces are evocative of the splendour and regal opulence of a time of rebirth of the French culture.

Set with precious and semi-precious-stones- each and every one are hand-picked and fitted into elegant designs to create a composition that is gentle, mesmerizing and emblematic. The end result is jewelry that is both symbolic and poetic, capturing the perfect geometric correlation of infinite possibilities. To satisfy every taste – Luj ventures into distinctive style as evidenced by their varied collections. Romantic and fashionable pieces with timeless motifs resonate with the contemporary, free-thinking woman who wants her jeweller to be a natural continuation of her style and not the other way around.

The young brand is energizing the jewelry scene with inspirational concepts, light, graceful designs and exquisite execution of composition. Timeless and irresistible, the refined and elegant universe of engraved bangles, bracelets, rings and necklaces beckons the wearer to indulge in pure “preciousness”.

Creating her own idea of luxury and beauty, with Luj, Julie Parnet transcends the boundaries of creative normativity and turns attention to the ultimate blend of discreet French splendour with contemporary minimalism.

Julie Parnet Jewelry Desiger
Luj Paris
Luj gold earrings
Luj ParisEarrings mounted on gold with turquoise
Luj Paris Pendant mounted on yellow gold with turquoise
Luj ParisPendant mounted on yellow gold with turquoise
Luj Paris Bracelet mounted on gold set with diamonds
Luj ParisBracelet mounted on gold set with diamonds
Luj Paris Snake bracelet mounted on yellow gold
Luj ParisSnake bracelet mounted on yellow gold

Luj Paris

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