Black or White, the Opal is THE must-not-miss-out-on current Jewelry craze

bracelet en or et opale par Lydia Courteille et manchette avec de l'opale par Victor Veylan

Every year, trendy creators reinvent themselves, seek to wow their followers with incomparable jewellery and revolutionary materials. This year, opal reigns supreme on cuffs, on fingers, on ears and even on ladies’ necks.

Author By Isabelle Guignet

Opal, which comes from the Sanskrit upala meaning “precious stone”, is a mineral in varying colours. It embraces all the hues of the rainbow; red is the rarest and, as such, the most expensive to buy. Its colours are limitless and every stone is unique, thus totally original and indisputably desirable.

Jewelry creators caught on to this and made a point of making the opal this year’s must-not-miss-out-on craze. The renowned Parisian creator Lydia Courtelle has dreamt up a yellow-gold jewelled cuff-style bracelet, crowned with a captivating opal, which could actually make you turn a blind eye to the yellow topazes and sapphires that encircle it. Another bracelet is Irène Neuwirth’s creation which looks like a cascade of precious drops; opals interlaced together with yellow-gold links. The stones dance on the wrist, playing with the sun’s reflections on the skin. Then comes K. Brunini with her cuff-style bracelet, which symphonizes the rounded shapes of the wrist with the striking rectangle of raised opal, like the Acropolis in Athens standing proud on its mountain tops. Its streamlined beauty is absolutely breathtaking. As for Victor Velyan, who has always had the knack for transforming the good things that nature offers into divinely-seductive jewellery pieces, he has combined opals, diamonds and branded yellow gold to create imposing yet highly-elegant cuff-style bracelets.

A myriad of ideas to grace your wrists this summer!

Lydia Courteille Blue Opal Bracelet 
Lydia Courteille – Blue Opal Bracelet
Irene Neuwirth Rose Gold and opal Bracelet
Irene Neuwirth – Rose Gold and opal Bracelet 
K. Brunini Blue Rectangle Opal Cuff 
K. Brunini – Blue Rectangle Opal Cuff
Victor Veylan Opal Cuff Bracelet
Victor Veylan – Opal Cuff Bracelet
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