Lynn Ban

Unapologetic. Exquisite. Provocative. Lynn Ban transforms edges into softness, flirts with light and darkness and creates jewelry based on her dreams and imagination. She takes inspiration in ancient armor, Bauhaus, Pop Art or Rock’n’roll and mixes precious materials with precious stones. Lynn Ban’s jewelry is worn by Taylor Swift, Kate Moss or Madonna while thousands of others want that too!

Provocative indulgences for irreverent adornment with timeless symbolism and modern invention are the very definition of the Lynn Ban name.

Balancing the opulence and restraint to harness the seductive allure of sparkling diamonds, colourful gemstones and precious metals is a process mastered to perfection by the renowned designer. The statement pieces are an eclectic mixture of modular styles, exuberant organic forms and stark graphic lines that celebrate duality.

Characterized by its otherworldly enchantment, Lynn Ban’s jewellery possesses a distinctly downtown attitude and a daring edge as it merges past and present in an unapologetic abandon of styles. Each individual piece evokes subversive elegance through the masterful execution of the everlasting dance between light and darkness. Featured prominently in the entertainment industry, the brand has become the go-to house for high-end jewellery of starts from the rank of Rihanna, Madonna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lorde, Gwen Stefani and Kate Moss.

The New York-based designer has continued to wow the fashion industry for a while with her sculptural pieces of wrought iron and armour motifs that are redefining contemporary elegance and feminine style. Her collections have a strong vintage presence that shines through in the rough lines and sensual exuberance of materials. From Arabesque to the signature Bauhaus and Armour – every line bears a strong industrial feel that contributes to the establishing of the branding and imagining of the Ban name.

Enduring designs and seasonless collections lie at the very core of the Lynn Ban brand with her philosophy of timeless and edgy jewellery leads to the creation of pieces that are just as current and modern today as they will be tomorrow. Her signature trademark is pure and untameable emotion that she lets shine through in her customized, highly-wearable designs that speak to a wide array of women in search of something personal and something truly unique.

Lynn Ban Jewelry Designer
Lynn Ban
Lynn Ban Maltese cross convertible pendant brooch 
Lynn BanMaltese cross convertible pendant brooch 
Lynn Ban Pave barbed wire ring
Lynn BanPave barbed wire ring
Lynn Ban Pave lightning bolt earrings 
Lynn BanPave lightning bolt earrings 
Lynn Ban Shagreen cuff mounted on sterling silver
Lynn BanShagreen cuff mounted on sterling silver

Lynn Ban

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