The jewelry girl to follow: Camille Parruitte, founder of Nouvel Héritage

Born in France and raised in New York, Camille Parruitte, is the cosmopolitan founder of the jewelry brand Nouvel Héritage. She talked to The Eye of Jewelry about her vision about jewelry and the beginnings of her own brand she launched in 2015.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

The Eye of Jewelry – How did you first get into jewelry?

Camille Parruitte- After studying entrepreneurship in Boston, I decided to create my own jewellery brand to join my mother who runs our jewelry workshops. My mother has always had a passion for jewelry, which she taught me at a very young age and after moving to a different continent, it was a way to connect with her.

TEOJ – What is your connection with jewelry?

CP – For me, every piece of jewelry has a story. As a child, I used to spend entire afternoons with my grandmother asking her about each piece of jewelry she had in her jewelry box: “Where did this ring come from? Who gave it to you? For what occasion? These were genuine and special moments that fuelled my passion for timeless jewelry that can be worn every day.

Rose gold Latch necklace, Nouvel Héritage
TEOJ – How did the idea of founding Nouvel Héritage emerge?

CP -I created Nouvel Héritage in 2015 during my last year of study in the United States. I was looking for a project that I could share with my mother to bring us closer together. Nouvel Héritage is a name that really represents the brand: we create modern and innovative jewelry, using traditional skills.

TEOJ – 3 words to define the brand’s style?

CP- Innovative, timeless, modern.

TEOJ – You live in NY, how does the US style and culture influence your design?

CP- I am often inspired by the modern architecture of New York City, but I think that above all, the US influences the branding by being bold and very accessible.

Astral ring, yellow gold, garnet and opal, Nouvel Héritage
TEOJ- On the other hand, what links does the brand have with France?

CP – We are very proud to make all our jewellery in France and to promote an ancestral know-how. France inspires much more style in our designs with an elegant, minimalist approach and a lot of attention to detail.

TEOJ – Your jewelry is made from recycled gold. Can you tell us more about the brand’s commitments?

CP – All of our jewelry is made exclusively in France in our workshops certified by the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). We believe it is essential to use ethically sourced materials, but beyond our commitment to quality, we promote French craftsmanship through training in our workshops. In the U.S. we donate 5% of our online sales to charity:  at the moment we are supporting the ACLU to protect women’s rights.

“Brunch in NY” ring in yellow gold and diamonds, Nouvel Héritage
TEOJ- What are your 3 best-selling pieces?

CP- The « Dinner Date » Mood Bangle, Necklace Latch and the ring Mood PM.

TEOJ- What are your plans for the future?

CP- We are working on two new colourful and fun collections for this summer. We can’t wait to tell you more about them!

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