He’s the coolest guy at Burning Man. He’s the coolest jewelry designer in L.A. and he opened the coolest shop-in-shop in Paris inside the Mad Lords concept store. Maor Cohen is a guy to meet, an artist to get inspired from and a jewelry designer. All of his jewelry pieces are combined in a synergistic way for new and inspirational designs that carry a unique message

It wasn’t too long ago that talented artist Maor Cohen made his grand entrance into the world of fine jewelry and in a blink of an eye hypnotised the world with his harmonious aesthetic masterpieces. A profound emotional undertone flows through his dynamic compositions, crafting unique connections and bonds for life.

Blending fashion-forward designs with exquisite Jewish jewelry-making traditions and techniques has rendered some of the most mesmerizing, delicate and precious pieces the industry has seen in years. Cohen’s honest expression, and love for the art of creating shines through in his artful bracelets and necklaces. Bold characteristics of different cultures are masterfully exhibited with striking precision and superb craftsmanship. Indigenous stones and materials come together to paint the contours of the designer’s vision for foreign landscapes and stylistic possibilities.

His clientele includes high-profile celebrities and power figures that came to love the artist’s trend-setting pieces and innovative style. Cohen has been consistently wowing the fashion industry with his elaborate designs and subtle accents. His eponymous collections Monarch, Passage, Match, Barcode, Rusty Nail and Match are chic and spirited, carrying a very specific purpose.

His creations closely adhere to the designer’s mantra of ‘There’s nothing greater than being able to share the art inside of you’ and this shows in the delightfully vibrant patterns and motifs incorporated throughout his collections. The public is able to witness a true evolution of what constitutes male and female jewelry into a more fluid and ubiquitous energy of opposites that crafts a new form of elegance and emotional connection between individual and piece – one that is purely organic. Maor Cohen rewrites the world of contemporary jewelry – one piece at a time – forging the industry onward towards great new horizons, where there are no limits, only possibilities.

Maor Cohen's store
M.Cohen Sterling silver dream catcher necklace
M.CohenSterling silver dream catcher necklace
M.Cohen Tribe stack bracelet
M.CohenTribe stack 
M.Cohen Two-strand three-layer black pearl wrap bracelet
M.CohenTwo-strand three-layer black pearl wrap bracelet
M.Cohen Stacked mini horn multi charm detail bracelet 
M.CohenStacked mini horn multi charm detail bracelet 


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