What gives Messika a legitimate power in diamond designs?

Valerie Messika was born in the diamond industry. Her father built his reputation as a leading diamond dealer. 10 years ago, she decided to make something of those diamonds by creating a brand carrying her family name. A success she took a step further last year opening her first atelier and launching her first high jewelry collection.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Celebrating her 10th Anniversary, Messika is still growing stronger as one of the most desirable and leading jewelry houses in the world. To mark a decade of innovative vision, emotional designs and a passion for diamonds, an exclusive High Jewellery workshop has just opened in Paris.

To commemorate the occasion Messika unveils ten unique sets – each based on the brand’s unrivalled diamond-setting expertise and tradition in crafting. Valérie Messika’s unique talent of designing pieces that utilize a diamond’s texture and natural brilliance to its full potential.
Valerie’s designs are always built around the stone in a way that accentuates the diamond’s inherent qualities like texture, translucence and cut. The true beauty of the earthly creation becomes apparent with the help of meticulous craftsmanship and clarity of composition.

The creative process at Messika is a diverse and exciting path that reflects the designer’s love for experimentation and taking risks. She masters the diamond cuts. Every design is subject to discussion, dissection and several iterations before coming to its final version that gives birth to a jewel of unparalleled quality and proportions.

 Marquise cut and Swan collection “Wings of Desire”
The legendary Marquise Cut is rumoured to have originated at the French noble court when Louis XV commissioned the finest artisans to immortalize the smile of his mistress Marquise de Pompadour. The sensual and divinely beautiful stone attests to this story. Its delicate and regal glamour has inspired many modern reinterpretations of the classic design in an attempt to perfect the luminous iridescence of the diamond.

A collection that echoes the sensual shapes of marquise diamonds, it embodies the ideal symmetry of a swan’s plumage and the serenity this majestic creature evokes.

Serving as continuation to the Angel collection, the Swan line draws inspiration from the animal’s inherent grace, refined movements and elegant demeanour. The pieces incorporate the ease of movement and effortless elegance with their gentle curves and endearing allure. The precious stones are fitted individually to recreate the ethereal effect of fluttering wings in a way that seems ethereal.

Messika Swan diamond bracelet

Messika Ritzy earrings white gold

Pear cut and love drop “Cascading Love…” and “Sea of Love”
Pear-shaped diamonds have long been favoured by artisans and their high-end clientele due to their discrete and timeless elegance. Rightly referred to as “tears of the Gods” in ancient times, these precious gems are a wonderful representation that beauty comes in many shapes and forms, and doesn’t necessarily have to be flamboyant. Beautifully enhancing every piece they become part of, the pear-shaped diamond subtly accentuates the best features of the composition without taking all the attention.
A nine-carat pear cut diamond is suspended from the centre of a necklace in a beautiful display of lengths and textures. The matching bracelet uses the same concept with free-flowing diamonds caressing the length of the hand. Gentle and shimmering earrings complete the collection with their beautiful defiance of gravity and play on light.

The peaceful and captivating movement of the waves is relayed through a dynamic composition of shimmering diamonds that recreate the iridescence and mystical allure of the ocean. Free-flowing and ethereal like water itself, the pear-cut stones are supremely delicate and majestically divine.

Emerald cut and the union square collection “Deco Dreams”
The emerald cut diamond possesses unparalleled beauty and regal elegance. Its architectural minimalism conveys the sort of elegance that transcends time and trends. Jewellery incorporating the precious stone stand out on their own merit with subtle grace and bespoke refinement.

The Union Square collection presents an original piece in the face of a versatile necklace with a removable diamond hinge. Incorporating a dazzling emerald-cut diamond, its design permits for variations in wearing it, which makes the creation all the more alluring.

The technical expertise of Messika shines through in the ingenious mechanism used. A striking number of 377 stones embellish the necklace, creating perfect symmetry

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