Their writing tools embody success and elegance for the person owning a piece. As the culmination of a long process, Montblanc reached recognition in the watch industry due to their balanced reflection and supreme craftsmanship of their timepieces collections.

Swiss company Montblanc has long been renowned for the skilled craftsmen working to create perfect timepieces that stand the test of time and fleeting trends. Upon entering the realm of the brand’s master craftsmanship and superb technology one encounters a symphony of passion for the most exquisite designs and flawless manufacturing technique.

Known for the unique beauty and exclusivity of their limited editions, every Montblanc watch tells its own individual story – one that emanates from the cultural history of mankind. Their in-house watchmakers ensure an undeniable commitment to the highest Swiss watchmaking traditions in creating innovative timepieces of the utmost precision, perfection and durability. Synonymous with exquisite writing culture – the brand’s artisans carefully compose sophisticated writing instruments of unparalleled intricacy and delicacy.

All of their collections reflect an uncompromising blend of shape, style, materials and workmanship that demonstrate an exemplary level of ingenuity and imagination. The understated elegance and harmonious symmetry of the pieces are achieved through the flawless use of stainless steel or sapphire crystal cases in combination to precious materials such as gold or platinum. Every Montblanc watch is an object of pure poetry with its finely-crafted and tuned writing instrument with the company’s signature nib that can pick up any hint of dissonance.

Their timepieces are a perfect blend of craftsmanship and a passion for moulding the extraordinary. In creating sensual sculptures of timeless elegance that do more than simply tell time – they managed to reach out to a clientele of watch connoisseurs and collectors. Manufactured in Le Locle, 1’000 metres above sea level– Montblanc watches are pieces of art that are flawless and pure like their birthplace.

Every single part of a Montblanc watch is meticulously elaborated by horologists to produce models that are nothing short of masterpieces. Combining the brand’s values in traditional craftsmanship with genuine Swiss watchmaking precision, the in-houses artisans and engineers are able to harmonise perfectly with the exacting quality standards and high expectations of their discerning clientele.

Montblanc Pen
Montblanc Boheme watch day & night 34mm
MontblancBoheme watch day & night 34mm
Montblanc Star Tradition Automatic Carpe Diem Edition
MontblancMontblanc Star Tradition Automatic Carpe Diem Edition
MontblancMontblanc Bohème Exo Tourbillon Slim
Montblanc Star classique lady
MontblancMontblanc Star classique lady


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