Noor Fares

London based, Noor Fares’ jewelry collections embody an eclectic iconography and cosmopolitan allure that come together to provide inspiration for a very graphic style.

Lebanese-born but London based, Noor Fares has caused a real stir on the high-end jewelry scene with her exotic and eclectic pieces that bridge a gap between two worlds. Perfect proportions and clean cut shapes are infused in a combination of ultra-light and ephemeral creations.

The brand’s signature sculptural designs have a fresh, fashion sensibility that draws inspiration from the designer’s Middle Eastern heritage embedding mathematics and ancient spiritual motifs.

Her latest collection – Geometry 101 – relies on basic geometry and is strangely captivating with its simple forms and vivid colors. Rich sapphires are grouped together in a decadent celebration of traditions from the Far East, but with a graceful nod to contemporary elegance and class. Jade, turquoise and agate are used masterfully to fashion pieces with strong identities and senses of style.

Daring, fun and beautiful – the designer’s creations are conceptually pure and executed with finesse and great attention to detail. The hectic and experimental way of bringing the design to life produces emotional connotations that are endearingly personal and inspirational. With a passion for art and celebrating her Middle-Eastern with staggering simplicity Noor Fares succeeds in developing her brand into a luxurious indulgence for the senses.

In reference to the talismans and charms from different cultures that have inspired her, the designer experiments with diamonds and gemstones of every shade to bring to life unique and exotic pieces of faraway allure and powerful significance. Her Lebanese heritage shines through symbols and abundance of colorful gemstones that adorn the gentle, curvy lines of 18k yellow gold. Every hand-made jewel is an eclectic exploration of the cultural riches that the world has to offer, brought in a delightfully elegant and classy form of expression.

Noor Fares
Noor Fares Double Merkaba Dress Earrings - Rainbow Collection
Noor FaresDouble Merkaba Dress Earrings - Rainbow Collection
Noor Fares - Five Cone Stud Earrings - Geometry 101 Collection
Noor FaresFive Cone Stud Earrings - Geometry 101 Collection
Noor FaresMother of Pearl Wing Earrings - Fly Me to the Moon Collection
Noor FaresMerkaba Pendant - Geometry 101 Collection

Noor Fares

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