Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016, Parmigiani has been a pillar in the world of watchmaking since Michel Parmigiani himself working hand in hand with the Sandoz Family Foundation launched his eponymous brand. Often inspired by the world of cars, some Parmigiani watches have become icons in the world of timepieces where craftsmanship, originality and precision are key.

Ever since  created his eponymous watch brand, his name echoes into the field of Haute Horlogerie until today. He first started as an artisanal brand making just a few pieces a year, mainly table-clocks. Gaining success and recognition, the desire to build a manufacture became evidence. Since 2005, all of their pieces are entirely made in their Fleurier Manufacture, a company that represents the finest standards of expertise in the world of watchmaking, paying attention to detail, creativity and mastery.

A Parmigiani Fleurier watch is so much more than a simple piece of watchmaking – it respects and embodies the heritage of Swiss watchmaking while also referring to the spiritual and philosophical roots of time itself. A powerful symbol of precision and performance, the brand’s models exhibit exceptional designs with unyielding precision. The skilled in-house artisans and engineers engage in an artistic dialogue, where virtuosity and precision meet to create a new face of watchmaking.

Their iconic collections including the Kalpa, the Tonda or the Bugatti – represent the expression of unique watch creations and demonstrate a remarkable mastery of mechanical complexity. Adapted for women, Parmigiani thought about a feminine clientele, offering dial variations made of engraved mother of pearl or even aventurine enhanced with diamonds set on the bezel.

The world of Parmigiani Fleurier is entirely devoted to the capture and accent on modularity and ease of movement. From design to production – the luxuriously jubilant approach involves master watchmakers, engineers and artisans working in complete harmony to breathe life into the breath-taking masterpieces. Not to mention their highly-acclaimed reputation in mastering the art of exceptionnal pieces such as automatons or clocks beautifully structured and made with a precision that only rare artisans can gain.

As a brand, Parmigiani follows a very clear path of restoring the value of Swiss watchmaking art as heritage. The unique culture of watch restoration and hand-crafting, passed on by Michel Parmigiani more than thirty years ago, is the keystone of the company’s identity till this very day, permeating all of their collections.

Michel Parmigiani
ParmigianiMichel Parmigiani
Parmigiani Kalpa Tourbillon
ParmigianiKalpa Tourbillon
Parmigiani Tonda 1950 set in rose gold
ParmigianiTonda 1950 set in rose gold
Parmigiani Bugatti Aerolithe 
ParmigianiBugatti Aerolithe 
Parmigiani Kalpa Donna in rose gold
ParmigianiKalpa Donna in rose gold


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