Milefiori Necklace by Pasquale Bruni – a lace of diamonds made with perfection

One of the prettiest designs we’ve seen recently is the Mile Fiori necklace made by the Italian designer Pasquale Bruni.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Italian Jewelry vs. fashion history.
Try to replace your Peter Pan collar made of white cotton by one made of a floral lace. The Mile Fiori necklace from Pasquale Bruni pairs sparkling white diamonds with pink sapphires and a morganite drop in a design that mimics the shape of a flower.

Consisting of a profusion of tiny diamond blooms, interspersed with pink sapphires, attached to each other by gold wires, it allows glimpses of the skin to show through. Incredibly feminine, the 360-degree design makes this statement necklace a joy to behold from all angles. The petal-shaped necklace that can be worn two-ways is set with 3421 diamonds, 258 pink sapphires and mounted then linked together on gold wires.

From the Fiori in Fiore collection, the Pasquale Bruni Mile Fiori statement necklace is set with 258 pink sapphires magically blends in 3,421 diamonds mounted on on white gold. The central stone holding the morganite drop of the necklace is Pasquale Bruni’s flower icon… just like fashion… would have been shameful to forget the basics.

Milefiori Necklace by Pasquale Bruni

Milefiori Necklace by Pasquale Bruni diamonds

Milefiori Necklace by Pasquale Bruni Eleonor Picciotto

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