Valentine’s jewelry gifts: any takers for spectacular pieces under 500€?

Valentine's Day jewelry gifts under 500 euros

Feb. 14th is just around the corner : no need to spend a fortune to create the magic. The Eye of Jewelry spotted 6 designers that can bring wonder and excitement to your second half.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Sometimes, it is just about being simple and original, just as the pure diamonds of Nawal Laoui, the founder of Persée. Naked, without settings, the diamond reveals an extra-dose of radiance, making it the perfect jewel to your skin.

persé necklace diamond yellow gold
Persée – One Diamond Necklace on yellow gold, 390 Euros

As a true colored stones lover, Laura Sayan created a piece for an everyday luxury: her Yeraz Dreamcatcher earring set with multi-colored sapphires highlighted with diamonds is one of our favorites.

Laura sayan gold sapphires multi-colored
Laura Sayan – Yeraz Dreamcatcher earring set with multi-colored sapphires and diamonds, 420 Euros

If your love affair has a special issue with color, you will make a hit with Hélène Prime’s unique pieces. The Parisian designer sets ornamental or translucent stones on colorful and extremely supple lambskin leather. Here is the perfect idea of a cuff to make a fashion statement.

helene prime leather cuff mother of pearl amethysts red
Hélène Prime – Leather cuff, orange color, handmade, adorned with three crimps gilded with fine gold and a grey mother of pearl & two amethysts, 325 Euros

Valentine’s day not only is a commercial holiday but it also is a time for traditions: name a woman who would not cherish a personalized gift. Customize your dream bracelet thanks to Edendiam’s creative concept. From material to stones, create your made-to-measure jewel to spoil your family and friends!

edendiam yellow gold rubies diamonds bracelet
Edendiam – Bracelet mounted on yellow gold with rubies and diamonds, 420 Euros

If you are looking for a meaningful statement, then follow your inspiration and dive into the original talismans  of Rivka Nahmias. Designed in her Parisian workshop, her creations spread in their aura a spirituality that makes them unique.

Rivka Nahmias 4 rows chains necklace, 425 Euros
Rivka Nahmias – 4 rows chains necklace, 425 Euros

Go further and choose the name of your beloved one or what inspires you to express your feelings through with the bracelet by Elia made of goldfilled.

And if you ever need a bigger suggestion, never hesitate to contact us !

By Elia bracelet love amour pink yellow gold
By Elia – Personalized bracelet, 89 Euros
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