Mellerio has been crafting the trophy since 1956 

Since 1956, Maison Mellerio has been shaping the Ballon d’Or, a trophy that rewards every year the best football player. The Ballon d’Or is produced in the center of Paris. Originally, the Mellerios were Italian silversmiths, who chose in 1515 to go to France to develop their trade in precious objects. This year, the Argentinian footballer Leo Messi won the Ballon d’Or for the 8th time as the world’s best soccer player. Watch-wise – he was adorned with the new Louis Vuitton Tambour in yellow gold with opaline dial.

Tamara Taichman’s 
jewelry brings out color 

For years, she has been the artistic director in fashion and accessories for Elle magazine, and in the meantime, Tamara Taichman has always loved jewelry. She collects them with passion, eclecticism and curiosity. She wanted to share her tastes with women and is now creating a collection of limited edition pieces under her own name.
Handmade by the best Indian artisans whom she accompanies step by step, her collection of limited edition pieces is joyful and refined. The blend of culture mixed to her personal style has nourished multiple references in imagine playful and singular jewels which play with the usual codes of chic. A multicolored necklace comes alive with dice of hard stones engraved with diamond letters “Peace”, “Hope »… A new brand to follow ! ..

What are your thoughts on lab-grown diamonds ? 

Business of Fashion also known as @bof on Instagram, shared daily resource for fashion creatives, business professionals and entrepreneurs. A few days ago, the media shared an interesting post about  the status of lab-grown diamonds in 2023. To give you an idea, “Sales of lab-grown diamonds have increased from under $1 billion in 2016 to just under $12 billion in 2022. Read the full article by Diana Pearl. If you love lab-grown diamonds have a look on Kimai, Loyal.e Paris, Courbet, Pandora, DFLY, VEVER and many more…

NEWS 4. NETFLIX AND CHILL :  the coolest watch selection
Eléonor’s wishlist for les Rhabilleurs 

They say it’s not good to spend time on our screens … but when the bad weather lends itself to it and the content is educational, go for it! Éléonor Picciotto is on all fronts : she is the editor-at-large for Revolution Watch, and founder of The Eye Of Jewelry, but also a journalist for different medias. She has recently started videos en français s’il-vous-plait – With the one and only Nicolas Amsellem known as @ontherocks and @lesrhabilleurs on Instagram! Today, she talks about her birthday selection with stunning timepieces as Patek Philippe, H.Moser, Furlan Marri and many more. So heat the pop corn and enjoy that may give you some ideas for Xmas !
Let us know in this link which one is your dream watch ! 

 An inside look at this unique 2023 edition 

The first thing that struck us about this edition was the new layout at Palexpo that felt Feng shui and made us feel in a zen environment. The venue was divided into several areas: conferences, the vivarium for designers, Métiers d’art and crafts: enamelers, chain maker Laurent Jolliet and, as usual, all the major stone dealers were there! The trade show brought together144 professional dealers among 172 exhibitors including Emerging Talents & New Designers, schools and Arts & Crafts.
What we liked best was the immersive Pearl Odyssey exhibition where we discovered the history of pearls and their tradition – you could dive into the marine world through a selection of 40 incredible pieces from private and heritage collections. We saw unique jewelry pieces like a silver brooch ornamented with Moor’s head and twist beads – a Bayadère necklace from Jospeh Chaumet and many more ..

 Congratulations to the French ambassador and Chef Nina Metayer 

France’s Nina Métayer has achieved a historic milestone by being officially crowned the World’s Best Pastry Chef, marking the first time a woman has received this prestigious accolade. Last week, the title of World Pastry Chef of the Year for 2023 was awarded to her by the International Union of Bakers and Pastry Chefs (UBIC) during a trade fair hosted in Munich.
Jaeger-LeCoultre’s collaboration with Nina Métayer began in 2021 with the inauguration of the 1931 Café, for which the celebrated pâtissière created an array of exceptional pastries inspired by the Reverso theme. Nina is renowned for the visual appeal of her pastries as well as her singular talent for blending evocative flavours in new ways. And we can confirm, here at The Eye of Jewelry, that Eleonor uses one of her pastry book recipes on a frequent basis !

 “Plume et Joaillerie, l’enchantement de la couleur” 

Piaget took part in a round table discussion entitled “Plume et Joaillerie, l’enchantement de la couleur”  last weekend during the Geneva Show. It was attended by Nelly Saunier, feather artist, Maître d’Art in 2008 by the French Ministry of Culture, winner of the Bettencourt prize for the intelligence of the hand in 2009 and Officier des Arts et des Lettres in 2020; Stéphanie Sivrière, Piaget Creative Director; Jacques Cuisin, Conservation/Restoration Delegate, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris; Jean Bernard Forot, Piaget Heritage Manager. Together, they explore the register of color in the world of ornithology, the art of the feather and its importance in jewelry design.
In the first part, Jaques Cuisin recounts the influence and function of the color of bird feathers, from seduction to pageantry. Master of Art Nelly Saunier then reveals her passion for feathers, her art of sublimating them, and how she plays with their color in her artistic creations.
Finally, Stéphanie Sivrière reveals how she draws inspiration from color to marry feathers with gemstones and create unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. An ongoing dialogue between nature and culture, creation and artistic interpretation, feathers and gems, a sensitive collaboration for wearable art.
Watch the full talk here !

So who wore it best ?  

The watchmaker Patek Philippe has established as a market leader, thanks to its signature model. Launched in 1976, the Nautilus is a collector’s grail, with its porthole-inspired case and stamped horizontal relief dial. Spotted wearing many Patek Philippe Nautilus, Victoria Beckham only wears the new ladies’ Nautilus jewelry version in which rose gold harmonizes distinctively with the luster of spessartite gems. WHO WORE IT BETTER ? Victoria or Éléonor ? N.B. If you haven’t done so – watch on Netflix THE BECKHAMS !


The time has come ! 

The 6th edition is taking place on Nov 16-20 at the Gate, DIFC in Dubai. Founded in 2015 by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, Dubai Watch Week celebrates the creative confluence and undercurrents of the luxury watch industry. Creating satellite events and its biennial hero event in Dubai, Dubai Watch Week is a movement that supports initiatives with similar values, bridges communities and creates unique opportunities for networking and creative exchange. Rolex, Tudor, Chanel, MB&F and many more brands will be there !
Follow us on @revolution.watch and @elepitch Instagram account we will share with you parties, watch releases, forums, Masterclass – Stay tuned and get connected ! 

NEWS 10. Watchbox becomes The 1916 Company
The new big watch marketplace ? 

Watchbox founders Danny Govberg and Justin Reis have now bought their business under one roof. The launch of The 1916 Company is a new venture that’s set to become a global hub for fine watches, jewelry, education and immersive experiences with a focus on the primary and secondary markets. Can you keep a secret ? Éléonor is part of this new adventure for the jewelry part .. something amazing is happening.. STAY TUNED.. 

Author By Teoj

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