High Jewelry: The most beautiful jewels presented during the Fashion Week

Going against the flow of the current situation, the Houses of Place Vendôme have rivalled this season by the extent of their know-how.  Drawing on their rich archives, the creative directors have taken hold of the jewelry codes that they boldly revisit. The lines are structured, the colour palettes vibrant, everything is in place for the magic to work. Show must go on!

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

The Boucheron Emerald signet ring

With ” Histoire de style, Art Déco “, Claire Choisne delivers a very personal collection on what a jewelry wardrobe shared between a man and a woman can be. A collection where you can read the influence of the Art Deco style, the radicality of the lines counterbalanced by the brightness of the Roaring Twenties.

In the tradition of multi-wear, Boucheron pieces can be modulated as you wish: tie necklaces can be untied to become brooches or neck jewelry, the diamond ribbon can be reinvented as a choker, headband or dinner jacket trouser belt.

Neither quite the same, nor quite different, let us borrow from Paul Verlaine this formula which suits this collection so much, which crystallises a deep desire for freedom and a certain idea of style.

Like this sculptural signet ring, whose octagonal design of the Place Vendôme is dominated by a sumptuous 4.43 carat Muzo emerald. A ring with a conqueror’s allure, carved in a rock crystal setting. To be worn for both men and women.

Ole Lynggaard’s sculptural solitaire ring

Against the tide of the generously supplied high jewelry collections, the Danish House has taken up the challenge of condensing its creative energy into three flagship pieces, and not one more. A judiciously crafted trio that deploys all the brand’s know-how without forgetting to summon its signature design.

With the Nature Solitaire rings, Love Band and OLE 2020 rings, Ole Lynggaard unveils a variation around yellow diamonds of exceptional quality. While the first one summons nature with its intertwined twigs, sublimated by a series of white diamonds, the second (Love Band) plays the heart card by intertwining the 5.03 carat pear-cut yellow diamond with a double diamond-set ring.

More astonishing, the latest ring surprises with its design with futuristic accents, a nod to the pure lines of the great names in design such as Le Corbusier or Arne Jacobson. The emerald-cut yellow diamond seems to levitate, perched at the top of this graphic composition boldly mixing yellow and white gold. An assertive creative word for a result that is quite simply stunning.

The “Ortensia” cuff from Buccellati

Emblematic pieces of the Italian House, the cuff bracelets have embodied the unique know-how of the jeweller for over 100 years.

This season, the flagship model inspired Andrea Buccellati, the House’s Artistic Director, to create a bucolic version celebrating the hydrangea flower. Entirely engraved using the rigato technique, the white gold cuff is adorned with floral motifs in yellow gold studded with rose-cut white diamonds, in which cabochon sapphires are nestled. A piece of high acrobatics whose charm is undeniably operative.

The Wings of Light, Piaget

With its Wings of light collection, Piaget pushes the limits of jewelry know-how in the expression of colour. How can the luminous explosion of a landscape illuminated at dusk be retranscribed? Thanks to the exceptional ornamental stones sourced by the House and the expertise of the craftsmen in the study of the composition of the jewelry.

Each gem must justify its presence, by the depth it brings, or by the play of nuances it accentuates. No less than eight months will have been necessary to source the two stones that make up this jeweller’s toi et moi. An indicolite tourmaline of an indigo-glowing blue surrounded by a halo of tourmalines of more sustained shades, set against a pear-cut spinel, whose shades of red and bright pink give the unique piece an exotic scent.

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