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Not only she is best e-tailer but as a multi-jewelry brand, multi-channel for retail and marketing platform, Plukka has launched a genuine, elegant and illuminating jewelry with best-of-breed originality within its chosen design –the secret to firm aesthetic.

With their unusual and highly-efficient business model, Plukka has quickly skyrocketed to the top of the world’s leading retailers for high-end jewelry. their vision and passion for functionality has define the ethos of the brand, which relies on diversity within reasonable, tangible limits, thus creating an online marketplace, where clients can browse an infinite selection of original pieces by their favourite designers.

The filtered editorial vision of the brand is fastidious and mesmerizing, filling a market gap for made-to-order jewelry. This enables the designers to direct all their creative focus on what they do best – fashioning pieces that are contemporary, unique and vastly different than the mainstream products the industry is flooded with. At a time when retailers are struggling to roll out something new and exciting, Plukka is pushing the creative boundaries of elegant and timeless jewelry – a daunting yet rewarding task.

Plukka’s name is synonymous with ‘infinite diversity’ with collections that range from feminine and delicately beautiful to edgy and industrial, classic and glamorous to artistic an avant-garde. Each designer chosen to become part of the brand’s rich identity shares a vision for passionate innovation and impeccable craftsmanship with the creators of the business – a collaboration of spirit as well as mind. This is the secret behind Plukka’s growing success.

The focus is on jewelry that carries a strong message. One of power, infinite possibilities, grace an timeless class. The intricate pieces brilliantly convey the brand’s desire to explore all the capabilities of the dynamic composition of precious stones, metals and the human creative spirit. The end result is one-of-a-kind creations that transcends the barriers of mainstream produce and makes a difference in the wearer’s life – fulfilling the true purpose of jewelry.

Joanne Ooi
Plukka"Electra" diamond ear pins mounted on rose gold with diamonds ~ USD$ 440 
Plukka"Octagon" bangle bracelet mounted on rose gold ~ USD$ 2'550 
Plukka"Elevee" necklace mounted on rose gold with diamonds ~USD$ 440
Plukka"Quark" knuckle ring mounted on yellow gold with diamonds ~ USD 280 


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