Pomellato unveils its new Armonie Minerali collection

The Italian house Pomellato continues its unconventional exploration of precious stones. This time, the focus is on the dialogue between the inspiration of mankind and the universe of stone. A fascinating matching game.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Whereas the 2017 Ritratto collection sought to capture the natural beauty of gems, Armonie Minerali uses stone as a medium for the expression of human creativity. Through this new concept of “precious”, the precious stone won’t settle for simply being admired. It delivers a message. References to the world of art, music, or design are mixed in a spontaneous dialogue between the precious material and the cultural reference expressed.

According to Vincenzo Castaldo, the artistic director at Pomellato, “This new collection is a game of complicity between humanity and nature where craftsmanship and raw beauty unite in unexpected combinations to form a joyful mix. After all, cheerfulness, with a touch of irony and impertinence, is a characteristic feature at Pomellato.”

Armonie Minerali revolves around three chapters: the obsession with black and white, the tribute to color, and hypnotic design.

The obsession with black and white

In the first series, Vincenzo Castaldo and his teams rose to the challenge of arousing emotion through a monochrome palette. The dendritic opal of the Japanese Samurai ring instantly evokes the harmony present in traditional Japanese prints, while the gray and white agate strips capture the essence of the large, rough, graffiti-like paintings by artist Christopher Wool.

Pomellato - Bagues "Armonie Minerali" Black and White obsession
Pomellato – “Armonie Minerali” rings Black and White obsession

The tribute to color

The precious stones of the second chapter shine with brilliance and vitality. What better way to pay homage to the great names of Milanese design, which include Gio Ponti and Aldo Rossi? A search for modernity that conveys combinations such as paraiba tourmaline and amazonite which adorn the Bora Bora ring. Or in another style, the jasper stone and orange-red carnelian of the Orange du Maroc piece that evokes a desert mirage.

Pomellato - Bagues "A Tribute to Color"
Pomellato – “A Tribute to Color” rings

Hypnotic design

To close this trilogy in style, Vincenzo Castaldo tries to transcribe the heady rhythm of an air of music through the undulating patterns of precious stones. And the least we can say is that it works. The color conflict between the green malachite and the black-and-white-ribboned agate that enliven the Sturm und Drang ring seems to restore the vibrations of the free jazz sound of artist Albert Oehlen. It wouldn’t take much for us to sketch a few dance steps.

Pomellato - Bague "Dessins Hypnotiques"
Pomellato – “Dessins Hypnotiques” rings
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