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When Ralph Lauren does something, he does it to perfection or he doesn’t. In 2009, he decides to launch his first watch collection partnering with the Richemont Group. As a mirror effect of his clothing lines, it resulted in a peerless design and exquisite artistry of unique pieces crafted in Switzerland by master artisans.

When Ralph Lauren ventured into the world of haute horology, he blended together his love for fashion with his passion for fine watchmaking. As a profound watch collector, all models show a genuine respect for tradition and craftsmanship with his talent for style and design. A vivid representation of the brand’s vision of timeless class and understated elegance in which his line of watches reflect individuality and taste – from the functionality to aesthetics.

The American brand which now set a foot in Switzerland, has delivered a movement with performance and precision to the paramount expression of style and understated elegance. Classic watches cases and wide bezels with a matte finish are rugged in design yet impeccably refined at the same time. The watch collections differ in style with an unmatched sophistication for the Slim Classic Collection or with an adventurous look with the sturdy Safari. And without ever forgetting an equestrian-inspired line named Stirrup, the RL collections evoke great luxury and comfort sticking to Ralph Lauren’s DNA. Powered by self-winding mechanical movements, Ralph Lauren’s watches reflect the ultimate precision and are a hallmark of virtuoso watchmaking.

With style and performance to suit any occasion, the bespoke models evoke Ralph Lauren’s long-standing passion for classic pursuits. They are a celebration of sleek modernity and harmonious proportions and embody true sophistication. The female Slim Classic collection combines slender, circular silhouettes and intricate motifs that are created through the bespoke technique of the guilloche – a rare and exquisite decorative technique. It is watchmaking at its finest.

Ralph Lauren’s line of watches is a luxurious and classic statement that pays tribute to centuries-old horologic traditions and trends from different eras situated within modern context. The lavish embellishments evoke the refined glamour and timeless sophistication of 18th-century Europe with the collections’ classic aesthetic is enhanced by the sheer brilliance of sparkling diamond-set bezels and artfully lacquered dials. As a Ralph Lauren addict, or not, at the end of the day, modern motifs make a strong statement with a striking effect.

Ralph Lauren Ladies Watches
Ralph LaurenRalph Lauren Ladies Watches
Ralph Lauren Watch Stirrup collection
Ralph LaurenStirrup collection
Ralph Lauren Watch Slim Classic collection
Ralph LaurenSlim Classique collection
Ralph Lauren Watch Safari chronometer
Ralph LaurenSafari chronometer
Two Ralph Lauren Watches
Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

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Winter isn’t over yet and The Eye of Jewelry has made the most of the last snowflakes to venture between the fir trees with the new stirrup chronograph by Ralph Lauren whose interchangeable strap makes everyone’s lives easier.