Choke me if you can 

Choke me if you can rivka nahmias, spallanzani, laura sayan

The choker made quite an entrance nearly two years ago and has managed to find its place fairly easily. It was once called a collar necklace which brought to mind a dog collar so there was nothing sexy or feminine about it yet women loved it as much as any bow-wow.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

This week, on The Eye of Jewelry’s marketplace we bring you a selection of chokers to get hold of and hang onto all summer. Unlike a long necklace or pendant, chokers tend to make themselves forgotten like a second skin yet stand out for their shape and position on the neck. They can easily be layered with another necklace and when worn alone you just need a single earring to draw attention to it.

Rivka Nahmias Choker Turquoise gold
Rivka Nahmias  – Chakra Necklace with gold fringe 

The Chakra necklace with gold fringes by Rivka Nahmias oozes unrivalled femininity. Lightweight, flexible and subtle, it goes with anything and can be worn anytime. The Chakra choker comes with turquoises or pink garnets on its glittering strands which are brought to life by the movements of the fine gold chain fringes. Prices start at 510 euros excl. VAT.

Laura Sayan Chouchan Choker set with five onyx and grey diamonds on white gold
Laura Sayan  – Chouchane Choker 

The Chouchane Choker by Laura Sayan is a classic piece on white gold paved with a few grey diamonds sold 2,876 euros excl. VAT. Five facetted black onyx cabochons are surrounded by diamonds and separated by two fleurs de lys and two bezel set diamonds that give the necklace a sense of balance. Have fun dressing it up with necklaces, earrings and bracelets to enhance the dazzling look. 

Spallanzani Jewelry Only You Happy Choker rose gold adorned with diamonds
Spallanzani Jewelry – Only You Happy Choker

The Only You choker by Spallanzani is the most eye-catching but also the most meaningful. What sets the ONLY YOU collection apart is that you can choose the message you want to engrave. On The Eye of Jewelry, the ONLY YOU choker comes in rose gold with HAPPY written in diamond white gold letters sold at 6,400 euros excl. VAT. It also comes in yellow gold with a diamond LOVE sold 6,000 euros excl. VAT and for bespoke requests don’t hesitate to email us

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