A diamond piece of jewelry is a given yet, The Eye of Jewelry has made a rock selection to match an oh-so contemporary style

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Most of us are used to think about diamond as a statement jewelry that is not for daytime. Fancy taking up the challenge? Here are 6 designers whose creations are clearly winning at the everyday diamond game.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Style a diamond can be a fashion defiance but there is no other gem that enhances more women’s beauty whilst adding sparkle and shine. Combined to delicate lines and sleek curves, the precious stone goes minimalistic and we could not love it anymore. And guess, what, you can even find some pieces on The Eye of Jewelry’s Marketplace.


Rivka Nahmias’ Malka ring fulfilled all our expectations of a diamond master piece that can be worn solo or stacked with other piece. Set with 57 diamonds on white gold the Malka ring is the perfect modern day heirloom.

Alena Anfray created her eponymous fine jewelry brand « Anfray & Anfray » based on duality. As a perfect example of laid-back luxury, this piece proves that diamond can also be something that is not flashy or apparent. Her signature ring is made of two elegant parallels of white diamonds that wrap your hand in a double and subtle way.

Malka Ring White gold diamonds Rivka Nahmias
Rivka Nahmias  – Malka Ring mounted on white gold with diamonds
Anfray & Anfray Parallel Ring White gold White Diamonds
ANFRAY & ANFRAY – Parallel ring mounted on white gold with white diamonds


No traditional diamond loop here. Only the idea of surprising us with a diamond pendant that could go effortlessly with any outfit you put together. Nawal Laoui, the founder of Persee, masteries the diamond skin style, turning a circle of diamonds into an everyday luxury only by piercing the stone on its top.

Suzanne Kalan innovates with its cascade fireworks charm choker that mixes diamond baguettes and brilliant cuts diamond in a stunning creation. Playing with symmetry and asymmetry, the designer’s charm choker redefines the codes of the diamond necklace.

Persée 8 Diamonds Necklace
Persée – 8 Diamonds Necklace on white gold with diamonds
Suzanne Kalan Cascade Fireworks Charm Choker 18k yellow gold white diamonds
Suzanne Kalan  – Cascade Fireworks Charm Choker mounted on 18k yellow gold with white diamonds


Obsessed by the blurring boundaries between art and jewelry, Tomasz Donocik’s proves the brilliant stone can bold when combined to edge design. Its 18K gold mini stellar drop earrings set with white diamonds creates an artistic statement infused with timeless wearability.

In the same way, Nikos Koulis revisits the diamond in an art-deco inspired piece that gives it an elegant yet simple style to make everything you wear a little bit glamor. Set in a minimal style, diamond jewelry is an essential you will love fiercely.

Tomasz Donocik Mini Stellar Drop Earrings
Tomasz Donocik – Mini Stellar Drop Earrings mounted on 18k yellow gold set with white diamonds
Nikos Koulis univers Line Earrings White gold with white diamonds
Nikos Koulis – White gold earring with diamonds
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