Jewelry trend: The Marquise cut is back on track

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Rarely seen in the past decade, the marquise cut makes a fashion comeback thanks to jewelry designers who prove that the marquise cut diamond is anything but passé.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Besides the famous princess, round or emerald cuts, the marquise cut was long considered a vintage shape due to its traditional long and narrow structure. However, there is nothing better than the marquise cut for elongating a finger and making your hand looks slender.

Rivka Nahmias Marquise Diamond Ring
Rivka Nahmias – Marquise Diamond Ring

The marquise cut, which is also known as the navette cut, the eye cut, the boat shaped or even the football shaped, is essentially an elliptical shape with pointy ends. Its oval design is one of the most distinctive and expensive cuts available. Why, you ask? Because the cutting process employed to create two perfectly symmetrical tips involve a stone wastage that makes the marquise pricey to produce. A high level of know-how is requested to align perfectly the pointy ends to reveal the beauty of its shape.

Rivka Nahmias Choker Emerald
Rivka Nahmias – Emerald Bead Choker

Both elegant and versatile, the marquise cut is an edgy alternative to classical round cut and brings a vintage-inspired touch that is so cool. Designer Rivka Nahmias has opted for a 0,5-karat marquise cut diamond positioned horizontally on a band to challenge its usual wear. It looks so refined when worn this way on the auricular finger. You could also spot the marquise on the emerald beads choker that has been designed for The Eye of Jewelry exclusively.

Melissa Kaye Jewelry Marquise Madness Ring mounted on yellow gold with marquise cut diamonds
Melissa Kaye Jewelry – Ring mounted on yellow gold set with marquise diamonds

New-York based designer Melissa Kaye  has decided to enhance the intricate setting of its Hazel ring with marquise cut diamonds that perfectly fit the geometric pattern in a flower-like design. You may see repeating stars or flowers in the recurring motif; whatever in both ways, the marquise cut looks gorgeous from all angles.

Yeprem M-Pulse collection rings mounted on white gold with round and marquise diamonds
Yeprem – M-Pulse collection rings mounted on white gold with round and marquise diamonds

The marquise cut is also the go-to to bring jewels incredible light and volume when mixed to others. YEPREM masters the combination of round and marquise cuts to infuse in its designs a proper magical effect that will leave you addicted for sure!

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