Hot spot: Go to Rive Gauche to discover the Collector Square corner at Le Bon Marché

Surfing on the wave of desirability for fashion and second-hand accessories, Le Bon Marché has joined forces with Collector Square to sign a permanent corner dedicated to vintage accessories. Discovery.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

The pitch of this collaboration? To offer Le Bon Marché’s discerning clientele a selection of highly desirable and attractively priced items, while remaining in line with the current trend of more reasoned and committed consumption.

The current context acts as an accelerator of awareness, favouring the growth of a new clientele wishing to invest in timeless pieces whose value is not likely to erode over time. A change in behaviour that benefits the circular economy and allows fashion accessories to give themselves a second life.

1970s Mauboussin bracelet in enamel and yellow gold

Beyond the financial argument, keeping a close eye on luxury and collector’s items is the best way to unearth treasures and acquire items that are not found in the new: rare, original and sometimes collector’s items.

European leader in the online sale of second-hand luxury bags, watches and jewelry, Collector Square has teamed up with Le Bon Marché to imagine a space that celebrates both the craftsmanship of luxury and the spirit of the Left Bank. This permanent corner, located in the shop’s watchmaking area, will present a selection of nearly 60 watches and jewellery appraised, but also a few pieces of leather goods, renewed each week.

A unique opportunity to get your hands on a vintage Rolex from the 1960s or a lion brooch signed Van Cleef & Arpels from the 1970s. As the festive season approaches, Collector Square and Le Bon Marché set the tone for a luxurious and responsible Christmas.
1991 Rolex Day-Date watch in yellow gold – To be found at the Collector’s corner Square at Le Bon Marché



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