Ruifier translates into a jewelry that can only make you smile. Founded in 2015 by Rachel Shaw, the young London-based brand joyfully interprets emojis- our new digital bestfriends- into delicate jewelry!

The name Ruifier comes from the ancient English word “Reify” which described the idea of creating something tangible from something abstract. Much like what emojis do to us translating many of our expressions into little yellow heads! Taking direct inspiration from those emoticons, Rachel Shaw launched her first two collections using eleven expressions translated into jewelry pendants spread across two different lines: a costume jewelry line named Friends and sold around 95 euros made on silver with a satin thread; and a fine-jewelry line names Visages starting at 720 euros mounted on gold with precious and semi-precious stones.

Her iconic Friends collection boasts singularity and simplicity, and can easily be spotted on wrists thanks to the little round heads and colorful satin links. The Visagescollection offers an impressive imitation of moods, expressions and even little animals. In 2016, Ruifier entered the legendary Stephen Webster’s Rock Vault thanks to the British Fashion Jewellery Council, presided by the talented British designer. Ruifier is now under the spotlight, and is soaking up the success!

Rufier rachel shaw jewelry designer
Ruifier - Visage Moyen Cupid Pendant Rose
RuifierVisage Moyen Cupid Pendant Rose
Ruifier Animaux Patch Pendant
RuifierAnimaux Patch Pendant
Ruifier Petit Shay Ring
RuifierPetit Shay Ring
Ruifier Happy Snowflakes Bracelet
RuifierHappy Snowflakes Bracelet


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A jewelry smile: fun and affordable thanks to Ruifier

It doesn’t take much to smile …a couple of funny visages, a silk colored thread and a great idea called Ruifier. Thank you Rachel Shaw for being affordingly creative in putting making those adorable emoticons into jewelry pendants.