Rusty Thought

Behind Rusty Thought Jewelry sits ancient Japanese artisan techniques that find their way into contemporary jewelry to create an effect of divine symmetry and eternal harmony.

It’s not too often that one comes across jewelry that evokes a feeling of Zen-like peace and tranquillity. Behind the name of Rusty Thought lies an inherent need to capture and relay the transient serenity that permeates Nature and all its beautiful creations. With patience and meticulous attention to detail, the designers behind the brand recreate the most precious moments in life, giving them a worthy material body of silver, gold, diamonds and other precious stones.

Modern jewelry gets reinvented through the incorporation of ancient Japanese techniques, such as cloisonné enameling and Ohaguro. Preserved through centuries, these exquisite cultural traditions have infused with contemporary artisanship for an otherworldly effect of textured beauty and harmonious composition.

Their diverse selection of pieces recreates the full spectrum of mystical powers and ethereal beauty that nature holds. Grouped into themed collections such as The Guardian Serpent, Light and Shadow, Spark, Amulet, Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair, Bountiful Season, Adore and Linkage – the creations are characterized by subtle detailing, sublime craftsmanship and powerful symbolism.

The handorked setting of each individual piece reflects centuries of carefully-preserved traditions and the pursuit of perfection. Making the transition of earthly gifts to the exquisite, elegant and moving ornaments that women fall in love with is a process of alchemy and one that Rusty Thought has mastered ingeniously.

Coloured diamonds and other precious stones add sparkle a note of defiance to the conservative and refined designs. The original creations appeal to a diverse clientele thanks to their sensual and emotive layout that evokes feelings of belonging, serenity and peace within the wearer.

One of the brand’s strongest qualities is their versatility that allows a broad range of distinctive styles and the creation of pieces that are meant to improve with time.

Rusty Thought Rings
Rusty Thought
Rusty Thought Fair is foul and foul is fair square and rond rings
Rusty ThoughtFair is foul and foul is fair square and rond rings
Rusty ThoughtBountiful season twisted rings 
Rusty ThoughtLinkage bracelets
Rusty Thought Serpent bangles mounted on silver or gold 
Rusty ThoughtSerpent bangles mounted on silver or gold 
Rusty ThoughtSpark shockingly necklace
Rusty Thought Adore Handmade Gem Rings
Rusty ThoughtAdore Handmade Gem Rings
Rusty Thought Amulet seal necklace
Rusty ThoughtAmulet seal necklace

Rusty Thought

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