Sabine G

Light and beauty entwine in a never-ending play of nuances, materials and symbolic motifs to convey a powerful aesthetic.

Sabine’s inherent grace and ethereal femininity are beautifully conveyed in her dazzling creations that combine antiqued rose gold, diamonds and rubies. The vivid exuberance of the pieces does not clash with their very personal and intimate nature that resonates with the wearer’s strong individuality.

The London-based fine jewellery designer has experienced a very exciting success in such a short time thanks to her passion for combining elements from different cultures and places. Her eclectic style shows a true love for the craft, represented both in the level of artisan techniques applied and the quality of precious stones used. Sabine’s commitment to her philosophy of capturing beauty in its purest, most serene form has translated into the execution of highly-ornate and divinely-beautiful pieces.

A truly cosmopolitan spirit, the designer feels most inspired when she’s travelling and splitting her time between three continents. Modern elegance and chic elegance are achieved through a combination of 12th century inspiration and contemporary influences. The rich choice of materials transcends the boundaries of fashion and composes distinctive jewels that tell a story of luxurious exuberance.

Her first collection Relic, inspired by the engravings on a twelfth century medieval box, quickly earned Sabine G an international fan base. Marrying clean lines and sparkling gems produces sculptural perfection of uncompromising quality and elegance. Her designs are light, fun and thought-provoking – each unique piece telling its own personal story.

As a trained gemmologist and jewellery designer, Sabine’s skill and passion for fusion exhibits a meticulous attention to detail that gets her creations noticed. The powerful mix of Eastern and Western cultural elements results in intricate and colourful jewels that are the material embodiment of an artistic mind and bohemian attitude.

Sabine Getty Portrait
Sabine G
Sabine GLarge wiggly ring mounted on yellow gold with rose topaz ~ USD$ 3'850
Sabine GHarlequin green ear cuff mounted on yellow gold with blue sapphire and white diamonds ~ USD$ 12'236
Sabine GHarlequin rose sapphire bracelet mounted on yellow gold with emerald and white diamonds ~ USD$ 12'365 
Sabine G Harlequin sapphire rectangle ring mounted on yellow gold with blue sapphire emerald and white diamonds ~ USD$ 8'380
Sabine GHarlequin sapphire rectangle ring mounted on yellow gold with blue sapphire emerald and white diamonds ~ USD$ 8'380

Sabine G

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