This year, some cool and fine jewelry pieces in Basel

Some cool and fine jewelry pieces in Basel

When you think of the Basel fair you instantly think about watches but although there were fewer of them this year, jewelry exhibitors from all over the world really made their mark.  From the Italian Giovanni Ferraris to the Danish Shamballa and of course the Hong Kong-based Belgian brand AS29 – The Eye of Jewelry saw every style!

Giovanni Ferraris

Eleonor Giovanni Ferraris Earrings Ring diamonds
Giovanni Ferraris  – Earrings and Ring mounted on white gold with grey diamonds








He embodies Italy and Italian flair in all its glory. You can’t pigeonhole him with a style or single piece but all his collections have meaning. Unlike most jewelers, he uses icy diamonds and have made them into a collection. He makes sculptural rings out of titanium for unbeatable light weight. Giovanni Ferraris gives his pieces color and life so women can’t help but wear them. This pair of white gold drop earrings blend rough and polished white, grey and black diamonds for a unique yet modern rock chic look. He only made this pair and, of course, it’s now sold. The good news is that he could possibly make another one if asked gently. 

Shamballa Jewels

Shamballa Bracelet diamonds
Shamballa Jewels  – Bracelet with colored rough diamonds and white gold

Mads Kornerup from Denmark is one of those designers that needs no introduction. An unrivalled creative fueled by boundless energy who founded Shamballa is still putting his colorful gems together that fire up as soon as they touch your skin. The lack of metal heightens the gems’ intensity. Rubies, sapphires, turquoises and rough diamonds dazzle on nylon threads. Over the years and his success stories, the legendary beads have gone flatter and made way for a more modern and easier new style with square beads that are sometimes paved or engraved.


AS29 illusion diamond ring black gold
AS29 – Imperceptible Diamonds Setting ring mounted on black gold

Audrey Savransky launched AS29 in Hong Kong in 2008. The Belgian comes from a long line of diamond dealers and broke the jewelry rules when she designed the diamond remedy to treat women by encouraging them buy jewelry. To celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary she launched the Illusion collection in keeping with the current jewelry trend: paving several baguette-cut diamonds together to create the illusion of a large diamond that could be a large emerald-cut. You get the same result without the price tag- Enjoy!

Author By Eleonor picciotto

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