Affordable and fashionable, the costume jewelry brand Shashi offer unique jewelry that celebrates true individuality through diverse motifs and designs that carry a deep-rooted significance of beauty and culture.

Hand-crafted in New York, Shashi is a brand that brilliantly portrays everything that makes the female world so utterly beckoning and captivating – the inherent grace of movement, the finesse of every line, the mysterious allure of a flickering light that illuminates, the exotic diversity of shapes and designs and the truly mesmerizing fragility, elegance and refinement of the female nature.

Gentle, sophisticated and undeniably enchanting – Shashi is a costume jewelry brand of contrasts that creates surprisingly effective synergy between opposing elements to fully capture the power of duality. The jewelry is unique in every aspect – from the meticulous process of craftsmanship that employs contemporary artisan techniques to the choosing of the most precious and luminous stones and quality materials to the creation of designs that bring together each element in a continuous harmony of forms, colours and sensation. Yet, affordable because fashionable.

Visually striking and deeply fluid, the sophisticated jewels reflect strong architectural aesthetics and clarity of composition. There is no limit to the creative zest behind Shashi’s world of fascinating designs with inspiration drawn from every aspect of life itself. Delicate, ethnic, flamboyantly surreal or minimalistically refined – every piece embodies a strong connection with the cultural reference it echoes in a way that creates a visual myriad of indulgent nuances and fleeting emotions.

Modern and one-of-a-kind, their pieces are amazing in their delicate beauty and with a subliminal finesse that seems almost unreal. The designs combine distinctive cultural motifs in an unparalleled way, creating jewellery that is earthly, raw, and elegant and, most importantly – fitting to the modern woman’s urban lifestyle.

Revamping such a sweet childhood memory as the beloved friendship bracelet, Shashi manages to attain iconic status for its vibrant creations through a superb blend of craftsmanship, emotion and exotic materials.

ShashiAmelia huggie earrings with crystals ~ USD$ 60
Shashi Tusk leather choker in chocolate ~ USD$ 82 
ShashiTusk leather choker in chocolate ~ USD$ 82 
Shashi Alana ring mounted on gold plated sterling silver with a pearl ~ USD$ 36
ShashiAlana ring mounted on gold plated sterling silver with a pearl ~ USD$ 36
Shashi Lilian bracelet mounted on gold plated sterling silver with zirconia ~ USD$ 54 
ShashiLilian bracelet mounted on gold plated sterling silver with zirconia ~ USD$ 54 


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