The art of emotion lives through Shawish’s exceptional customized creations that reveal the superb alchemist technique of jewelry-making.

Shifting contemporary jewellery making towards something that surpasses far beyond a mere accessory – the Genevan artisan incorporates poetic and imaginary dimensions in a tangible way that captivates and inspires. Bespoke designs demonstrate the brand’s strong commitment to tradition and an on-going process of self-improvement and challenge to continue creating essential keepsakes of times-to-come.

Specializing in custom-created jewellery, Shawish attracts high-end clientele that desires pieces, which resonate with their owners and, above all, illuminate their personality. All jewels are unique and of exceptional value, crafted by specialists with years of experience and only using the most sophisticated of techniques. Realized in yellow, white and red gold, the Swiss house conveys a strog message of passion and individuality.

Haute Joaillerie has never been fresher and more connected to the present than before with Shawish’s young team being an actual asset to the brand. New vision, dynamic design and bold interpretation of established trends and concepts form the brand’s identity and resonate with its target market of young people.

The end result is collections that border the realm of childhood nostalgia and adult sophistication with an effect that is mesmerizing, magical and legendary. From the 1st All Diamond Ring that is a dream-come-true to the ethereal and luminous lines Moonlight to the charming, captivating innocence of the Teddy Bear – every single piece is a true work-of-art, incorporating old world craftsmanship and the finest precious stones.

Shawish is a brand most noted for the use of modern technology in the conservative world of traditional artisany or as Mohamed Shawesh describes it – “a marriage between high jewellery and technology”. The compositions are created in a way that enhances the innate qualities of the materials, rather than celebrating diamonds for their natural worth with key elements being light, brilliance and reflection.

Shawish Magic mushroom mounted on yellow gold with white enamel and pink dot set with 1 diamond
ShawishMagic mushroom mounted on yellow gold with white enamel and pink dot set with 1 diamond
ShawishPrincess earrings mounted on white gold with white diamonds and sapphires
ShawishOrange Columba ring mounted on pink gold with white and brown diamonds
Shawish Moonlight necklace mounted on white gold with diamonds
ShawishMoonlight necklace mounted on white gold with diamonds


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